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    Comments on just-completed mock draft

    12 people drafting. I ended up with the following:

    C Tavares (round 9)
    C Arnott (round 12)
    LW Heatley (round 2)
    LW Morrow (round 6)
    RW Alfredsson (round 5)
    RW Dumont (round 10)
    D Green (round 1, 2nd overall)
    D Lidstrom (round 4)
    D Gonchar (round 7)
    D Jovanovski (round 11)

    G S. Mason (round 3)
    G Rinne (round 8)

    Bench: G Mike Smith (round 13), LW Clowe (round 14), C B. Richards (round 15), RW Okposo (round 16)

    Some notes:
    Round 1: Ovechkin, Malkin and Crosby were the first 3 picks that were not mine. Parise and Getzlaf were the next two. The first goalie wasn't taken until pick 11 (Luongo), but Nabokov was taken immediately afterwards.

    Round 2: Zetterberg and Lecavalier started this round off. Brodeur fell to 17th overall. Kiprusoff and Lundqvist were also taken in the 2nd half of the round. Bobby Ryan surprised me by going 18th overall.

    Round 3: Both Backstroms went in this round. The 2nd D-man (Phaneuf) didn't get taken until pick #28.

    Round 4: 4 goalies were taken here (Thomas, Hiller, Ward, Vokoun). Only 4 D-men off the board by the end of this round, 2 by me.

    Round 5: Not much surprising here, although Kovalev got picked at #59.

    Round 6: Morrow and Hossa slipped towards the end of this round. Hedman got drafted early. So did Backes, who retains his RW eligibility.

    Round 7-9: Gonchar is ranked super low. I pounced on him in a heartbeat as my 7th pick, despite already having 2 D-men. Still some good forwards at all positions on the board, but goalies are getting noticeably weaker.

    Round 10-12: Still loads of decent D-men on the board: Blake, Barker, Kaberle, and McCabe among them. Forwards at this stage include Pominville, Stamkos, Stastny and Smyth. Pretty much all of the goalies at this stage are for poor teams. Not very many more goalies were selected in these rounds: only Khabibulin and Chris Mason were taken.

    Round 13-16: Here come the sleepers. The low-ranked Kariya fell in round 14, as did Ribeiro, Mikko Koivu, and Hejduk. The number of C's left made me grateful I waited on that position.

    Any interesting trends in your drafts? Questions?

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    • When I did a mock draft I got a lot of the same guy you did, in a 12 person draft.

      Final roster looked like this, had 1st overall pick. (took Green)

      C Mikko Koivu
      C Paul Stastny
      LW Brenden Morrow
      LW Claude Giroux
      RW Brad Boyes
      RW Daniel Alfredsson
      D Mike Green
      D Zdeno Chara
      D Cam Barker
      D Niklas Kronwall
      G Martin Brodeur
      G Henrik Lundqvist

      BN Patrice Bergeron
      BN Patrick Sharp
      BN Milan Hejduk
      BN Paul Kariya

      Wish this was one of my real teams, would lack in PIMS. But still looks great in my opinion.

      Don't exactly remember the order outside of the first 3...(Green, Brodeur, Lundqvist).

    • I have done a few mock drafts and they all seem like they are all over the place. They make no sense in the way people are drafting. This is my opinon of the drafts I have been in

    • nm, they fixed it.

    • In the mock I did today, he went in first half of round 3.

      It's hilarious how that previous message censored "shenanigans", but not "ass". I guess the people who use the word within the word aren't above spelling it with one G?

    • well,well,well...it took all damn day but i finally got you to admit that taking Green 2nd overall is a dumb move. and you basically just admitted to your mancrush by saying you hope to pick lower so you can draft you boyfriend without screwing yourself the rest of the way, which further analysis of your draft reveals is exactly what happened.

      i still think you made some nice late picks, but your forwards are not a strong group.

    • Here is my results (12 teams/16players):

      was able to pick 1st overall

      1. Alexander Ovechkin (Was - LW)
      2. Tim Thomas (Bos - G)
      3. Sergei Gonchar (Pit - D)
      4. Olli Jokinen (Cgy - C)
      5. Bobby Ryan (Anh - RW)
      6. Steve Mason (Cls - G)
      7. Chris Kunitz (Pit - LW)
      8. Andrei Markov (Mon - D)
      9. Jason Arnott (Nsh - C)
      10. Mike Knuble (Was - RW)
      11. Teemu Selanne (Anh - RW)
      12. James Wisniewski (Anh - D)
      13. Brenden Morrow (Dal - LW)
      14. Bryan Little (Atl - RW)
      15. Lubomir Visnovsky (Edm - D)
      16. Patrik Berglund (StL - C)

      selection is kinda simular from round to round

    • just noticed in your breakdown that no one took a d-man off the board after your Green selection until the 28th pick. so it isn't like you touched off a feeding frenzy on d-men with your bold selection of Green. that probably means the overall quality of your forwards was probably not as good as at least half the teams in your mock. that, and i'll bet at least one guy probably has a better overall group of d-men than you do, even though you have Green. yet another reason to NOT do what you did.

    • Interesting draft, Mr B.

      I agree with the other poster regarding Green. I would never take him before the big 3 and would be unlikely to even take him before the 10 next best forwards. He 'aint Bobby Orr. If he were going to score over 100pts this season I might agree with your logic, but we know he won't.

      I also think you took a BIG risk in net. In most leagues the Goalie position is the make or break position. You have a sophomore on a pretty average-at-best team. Backed up with another less talented sophomore on an equally average team.

      I am surprised you took Mason that early and I am surprised you took Rinne ahead of Smith, to be honest. At least Smith is a lock to start if he is healthy (which all reports say he is). Rinne could lose his job to Ellis by 10 games into the season if he stumbles.

      Excellent depth picks and mid-draft picks, though! Arnott, Alfredson, Gonchar, Richards - those were all great picks.

      Interesting thread.

    • one more thing: how many more rookie phenom goalies do you have to see fall on their asses in their sophmore season before you realize that it ain't a good idea to break the bank on them? do these names ring a bell?

      Ward(bad in yr 2 which is what we're talking about here)

      do you need any more names or are you picking up what i'm laying down?

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