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    Expert Advice Required...

    I am entering the second season of a keeper league and I am coming in as the defending champion, winning a nice pot of $400. So, obviously I want to go in making sure I am keeping the best of the best of my players.

    Tell me who you guys would keep between:

    1. Alfredsson and Elias (Elias had his best fantasy year in years and Alfy had one of his worst). Keep in mind their age and team.

    2. N. Backstrom (MIN) or C. Ward (CAR)

    If you can give me a good reason/analysis that would be great. Thanks!

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    • Have to keep Alfie. I rather have teammates like Spezza, Kovalev, and i hate to say it, Heatley to play with throughout the season. Elias only has like Parise and Langenbrunner to play with.

      Go with Backstrom if your league rewards SV% and GAA and shutouts. He's quite more valuable than Ward in all those areas.

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    • Alfie or Elias can go either way, but if you're in a keeper league you likely choose Elias (depends on stats)

      Backstrom is far superior to Ward in my opinion.

    • I'd take Alfredsson over Elias, although I'd rather not keep either.

      I'd also keep Ward over Backstrom. With Lemaire out in Minnesota, they may not be so defensive minded anymore. Backstrom's numbers should go down a bit.

    • Elias

      Elias is still a vital part of the New Jersey offense, powerplay etc. He is a good fantasy player who not only scores, but records assists to
      and being on a great team like new Jersey, i can almsot guarantee Elais' +/- ratio is much better than Alffredsson

      Backstrom is top 5 among the leagues playmakers, he had 66 assists last year, but he also scored 22 goals. Stats like these are valuable, and when you put it witha +14 +/- rating, he is an incredible asset to any keeper or H2H league. Plus, look who his line-mates are; Ovechkin and Semin, two 100+ point-type players, which should create opportunities for Backstrom to score more goals. Especially so when Semin is healthy.

    • i just read today ward is gonna rest alot this year because he had 2 back injuries last season. Carolina also isn't so solid defensivly I cant see them repeating what they did 2nd half last year. Backstrom has the D infront of him hes the safe bet

    • If those are 4 players your considering keeper, than you're doing it wrong...

    • Alfredsson and Ward... this is an easy one. Alfredsson is 37, 4 years Elias' senior... but Alfy's has the body of a 20-year-old, and though he misses 5-10 games a year he always recovers from injuries/surgeries ahead of schedule. He will probably play into his early 40's, and he keeps getting more and more points as he ages... Elias will be trapping in New Jersey and will probably retire before Alfredsson because Alfredsson is amazing.

      Cam Ward is the most underrated goalie ever, he'll win a few Vezinas you'll see.

    • Id keep Alfredsson because hes gonna be good this year whit Kovalev and Spezza and because Elias doesn't have Gionta nymore might have a tough season!

      Id get Cam Ward because if he plays like they played when Paul Maurice came half way trough the season you will be golden and Backstrom is kinda of on his own because Minnesota's Defence isi'nt so great!

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      • I'd Keep BOTH goaltenders!!!
        Alfredsson was born in '72...therefore that means he is 37 yikes...
        Elias reached his ceiling for points...he won't do it again... expect about a 55-65pt range from him next season. He is 33.
        Between these two, if you're hoping to win next year I would keep Alfredsson. Long Term: Elias... to provide some depth for a few years to come.
        Ward and Backstrom...hmmm...
        Personally I like Backstrom but yes Ward is younger by 6-7 years...so probably ward between the two,
        If you already have a solid offensive and Defense, I would go with keeping both goaltenders...
        Just draft some sleepers like Giroux, Callahan, J.Johnson...these guys are pretty much going to become stars.Giroux has much talent around mine so he may be on 3rd line duties...(possibly 2nd) But he played a bit on the top line last year showing he had enormous skill. Callahan made great progress from the year before to last year( about 20 pt gain) for about 45 pts. And 20 of em were goals. Jack Johnson is really overshadowed by Drew Doughty... Remember J.Johnson was drafted 5th overall in the 2005 draft.

        Hopefully this helps.


    • Tough call... I don't think Elias is going to post those numbers again since Lemaire is back in town... Not to mention NJ lost some key guys and did not do anything to really replace them this offseason... I think if you're going for the win this year that Alfy is the top choice. Ottawa was crap last year and I think they will be a lot better this year since they were turning it around near the end of the season.

      As for goalies.... I think I would honestly choose Ward over Backstrom. The reason being that The Wild are going for a "offensive" strategy now and Backstrom is going to have the shots piled on him this year. Ward is young and will only get better and better...

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      • I think this board is underestimating Elias a little bit: outside of '07-08, he's almost always near a point per game, and adds a solid plus and lots of shots. He'll get his points even with a coach who doesn't seem to like it when his team scores.

        That being said, I'd still go towards Alfie because he's a lot more likely to be better than a point per game.

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