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    Top 10 Right Wingers

    10. Martin Havlat - When he's in the line-up, he's dynamite. But his injury history makes him a pretty significant risk. He also tends to go on hot and cold spells throughout the course of a season. But in the end, he'll be close to a point per game.

    9. Bobby Ryan - The man who was selected immediately after Crosby in the rookie draft will wait about 4 rounds or so in most fantasy drafts. He's a very well-balanced player who will produce equal goal and assist numbers, but might spend more time away from Getzlaf's line than position-mate Corey Perry.

    8. Johan Franzen - The Mule is a one-category specialist, but what a specialist he is. Over the past one-and-a-half seasons, he's been one of the more prodigious goal scorers in the league, and will likely see yet another boost with Hossa no longer stealing minutes in offensive situations.

    7. Shane Doan - Doan has a history of posting inconsistent point totals from year to year. But more often than not he can be counted on for at least 30 goals and 30 assists, with very good peripherals. Once again, he'll be the go-to guy in Phoenix. Last year, he was a +5 on a lousy team. As a bonus, he's usually good for 70-100 PIM.

    6. Marian Gaborik - Finally released from the shackles of stifling Minnesota hockey, Gaborik now gets a taste of stifling Rangers hockey. Gaborik has the speed and the skills to be a 1-man wrecking crew, but unfortunately he'll have to be. The lousy supporting cast likely won't hurt his stellar numbers, but his propensity for injury just might.

    5. Daniel Alfredsson - Alfredsson was one of a bazillion Senators who underachieved last season. Everybody knows what Alfie, Spezza and Heatley can do together, and the addition of Kovalev should ease the pressure. Selecting Alfredsson is the same risk/reward proposition that his linemates are, but the reward is gigantic. He's not getting any younger though.

    4. Martin St. Louis - There are now 3 certainties in life: death, taxes, and 80 points from Marty. Even in a year where Vinny Lecavalier shat the bed, St. Louis posted 30 goals and 50 assists. As Vinny rebounds, and Stamkos comes into his own, expect the points to approach 90 this year. Don't expect any PIMs or a robust +/- though.

    3. Alexander Semin - I was debating whether or not to rank Semin at #2 or #3. I ultimately decided he belonged here, because of his inconsistent career path. Last year, he posted prodigious point totals, among the league's absolute best on a per-game basis. The previous year, he only posted 42 points in 63 games. Combine this uncertainty with a propensity for injury, and he slips right behind my next pick...

    2. Corey Perry - Corey Perry is not likely to approach 90 points. He will likely remain in the 70-75 range. However, you will draft him high because he does EVERYTHING. Goals, assists, shots, PIMs: you name it, Perry will produce it. This rare level of balance at a thin position makes him worthy of a mid-to-late 2nd-round selection amongst players with higher point potential.

    1. Jarome Iginla - The only right-winger who is an even safer bet than Martin St. Louis, Iginla will post another 90 point season because that's just how he rolls. Last year, the shot totals and goals decreased, but the assists increased. With Cammalleri gone, he will revert back to his established levels in all 3 categories.

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