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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 25, 2009 3:55 PM Flag

    Your Top 25 Fantasy Goalies

    Some guys are *way* too low on that list...
    1. Luongo (with Brodeur being completely acceptable here as well)
    2. Brodeur
    3. Nabokov
    4. Kipper
    5. Thomas
    6. Lundqvist (he'd be higher if his team didn't perennialy suck)
    7. S.Mason
    8. Backstrom (how on EARTH did you have him at 18? seriously?)
    9. Ward
    10. Fleury
    11. Miller
    12. Giguere (whether on the Ducks or not, he's still an exceptional goalie.. leaving him off your list is ridiculous)
    13. C.Mason (look at his stats from last year, he's always underrated in fantasy)
    14. Turco
    15. Price (should be able to bounce back this year)
    16. Rinne (loved him last year but his team is still weak)
    17. Huet (only because of the team around him)
    18. Emery (you're obviously a flyers fan, but be realistic... he's still not a top tier tender - intentional alliteration ;) )
    19. Khabi (questionable... EDM still sucks...)
    20. Hiller (whether he's the starter for the DUCKS or plays 1A/1B, he'll still put up good stats)
    21. Leclaire (if he stays healthy and Ottawa as a whole grows up a bit...)
    22. Osgood (would probably rank around 12th if I was positive he'd play 60+ games... unlikely tho)
    23. Quick (L.A is improving and he put up some seriously impressive numbers last year for his age and team)
    24. Vokoun
    25. Smith

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    • Vokoun is an excellent goaltender but is stuck in Florida with a crappy team. I think SV% is the best way to tell whether ther goaltender is good or not.

    • I'm not a Flyers fan...

      Giguere at 12? At best he'd be rotating with Hiller which makes him less valuable.

      Also, I had Backstrom down there because I don't think Minni will be great this year. They don't have Gaborik anymore.

      Emery is on a powerhouse team who might possibly win the East. Look at their defence, also. I think Emery will have a great year..


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