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    Top 10 Left Wingers

    10. Patrik Elias - Elias can always be counted on to be a significant plus player, and to average over 3 shots on goal per game. However, like Patrick Marleau, his point totals fluctuate from year to year, usually between 55 and 85 points. With Jacques Lemaire returning as coach, there's a chance that he'll see a slight dip in last year's 78-point tally, but Elias is valuable even if he doesn't match last year's production.

    9. Mike Cammalleri - Cammalleri returned to the 80-point level last year, despite being separated from Iginla for much of the year. He clearly has the talent to come close again in Montreal. He might not be a plus-player, or PIM producer, but he will add a healthy dose of shots to his steady point totals.

    8. Brenden Morrow - Morrow missed the bulk of last year due to injury, but will be healthy again. His PIMs are slightly lower than they were earlier in his career, but he's still a good bet to add a rare combination of 65+ points and 100 PIM. Don't expect a huge plus, or whopping PP totals, on a mediocre Dallas team.

    7. Ilya Kovalchuk - You know what you're getting with Kovalchuk. Lots and lots of goals, points and shots. Last year, his assist totals bumped up as well. The one thing keeping him from being a first-round selection is the annual -10. Better suited for H2H leagues than roto leagues.

    6. Rick Nash - Nash, like Kovalchuk, has made a career out of getting tons of shots, and lots of goals, but not a lot of assists, on a perpetually mediocre team. However, it appears that Columbus is playoff-worthy, and Nash has a legitimate #1 centre in Derrick Brassard. The PP numbers are a bit low, but Nash should continue to hover around a point per game.

    5. Daniel Sedin - Once again, the Sedin twins will find themselves in every offensive situation on a solid, but not particularly deep Vancouver team. Will Sedin add another +24? Probably not, but on a good team, he should continue to be a plus player, to go along with 80 points, and 3 shots per game.

    4. Dany Heatley - It's difficult to get a read on Heatley's situation. Off-ice distractions, coming off a terrible year by his standards, have made him seem unmotivated, and unlikely to play to his 50-goal, 50-assist potential. However, he's now in a situation where he has to play his way on to a Canadian Olympic roster spot, and is likely to find that extra gear he had in the previous 3 seasons. A risk, but the potential reward is hard to match.

    3. Henrik Zetterberg - Zetterberg's coming off a bit of a down year in which he was merely steady instead of elite. That's not likely to happen again. When drafting, don't pass on the 73 point player of 2009. Select the 90-point pace of the previous three years, and enjoy the ridiculous shot totals and hefty plus-stat that accompany it.

    2. Zach Parise - Parise had an enormous breakout year last year in which he established himself as one of the top fantasy forwards, and posted monster numbers in every category except for PIMs. It will be difficult to duplicate a 45-goal, 94-point year, but Parise is the go-to guy in NJ, and he should be expected to post, at minimum, a 40-40 year, with 300-350 shots.

    1. Alexander Ovechkin - A no-brainer as the top LW, and the top overall pick in any draft. Count on 100-110 points, 55 goals, and 100 more shots than any other player in the league. His across-the-board totals are simply ridiculous, and he will put you at a distinct advantage when you earn the luxury of selecting first overall.

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