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  • Brock W Brock W Aug 17, 2009 4:03 AM Flag

    Rate my draft ! (still undergoing)

    Looks.... ok-ish.

    Your centers are less than average. Your left wings are pretty good. Your right wings would be good if Gaborik would stay healthy, but I'll get to him in a minute. Defense is questionable. Spacek could do well in Montreal and Johnson is iffy as to when he'll actually return. Turco played like crap last year and Brodeur got hurt. It looks like a really iffy team to me. If everything goes well with the aforementioned players, I think you've certainly got a playoff team. But, if Brodeur gets hurt again, you're screwed. If Gaborik gets hurt again, you're gonna' have a real tough time making the playoffs. If Turco gets hurt, you're gonna' need someone besides Theodore to get anywhere in the playoffs. About Gaborik, the dude has only had one eighty point season in his eight year career. The other seven seasons, he hasn't even broken seventy. Add to that, he's been played less than seventy games for four out of the eight seasons that he's been in the league and three of the seasons that he was healthy all year were his very first three in the league. So, you've basically got a better than fifty percent chance of him getting hurt. As far as your last few picks go, my advice would be Shane O'Brien because you're going to need the penalty minutes. Maybe a Scott Hartnell if he's still available. Can play both wings, assuming they give him that same postion eligibility as last year, get you fifty or sixty points, and over a hundred penalty minutes. Other than that, good luck.

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    • I was thinking about getting PIM D-men. I havent tried that in the past so I'm not sure how beneficial it is. I'll give it a test

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      • Well, a guy like O'Brien isn't going to get you a whole lot of points. However, if you've got any other players on your team that gets a lot of penalty minutes like Pronger or Hartnell or Lucic, etc. etc. then a guy like O'Brien is extremely valuable. I always recommend him to people as a fourth defenseman. Pretty much locks up the penalty minutes battle for you in head to head leagues. I don't remember for sure, but I think the only guy with more PIMs than O'Brien last year was Carcillo. However, after O'Brien the theory doesn't work quite as well. The next guy on the list is Steve Montador and he'll get over 100 PIMs, but nowhere close to the 200 that O'Brien is gonna' be close to. So if you don't get O'Brien and you haven't already got some guys like the aforemention Pronger, Hartnell, Lucic, etc, then the theory doesn't really work. But... There ya' go.


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