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    My Team

    Hey everyone,

    I just finished selecting my 23 man roster in a pool of 10 teams. We will be required to keep 17 players for next year. I'm not 100% finished with this team (trades and FA's) but I thought I'd get suggestions and thoughts from people.

    Skater Stats G / A / PIM / +/- / PPP / SHP
    Goalie Stats W / GAA / SV% / SHO

    H. Sedin C
    M. Ribeiro C
    T. Zajac C
    R. Kesler C
    C. Hodgson C

    D. Backes RW
    E. Cole RW
    P. Demitra RW
    M. Samuelsson RW

    Z. Parise LW
    D. Sedin LW
    A. Burrows LW
    S. Sullivan LW

    M. Streit D
    R. Blake D
    A. Goligoski D
    B. Seabrook D
    S. Salo D
    W. Mitchell D

    R. Luongo G
    R. Miller G
    C. Mason G
    A. Raycroft G

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    • Looks kind of weak for only ten teams, but there's potential there.

      You can certainly keep H. Sedin. He's always one of the top assist guys in the league. Ribeiro though, I would get as far away from as possible. The third fourth and fifth guys, I wouldn't worry too much about until you've got everything else straightened out and that goes for every position. Vancouver has some decent role-players anyway.

      I don't know what to say about your right wings. They're terrible. You already know that though. Um... Samuelsson isn't a bad third liner and Backes is good for some PIM, so... I guess my suggestion would be to try and pair Cole and Demitra in a two for one.

      Your left wings look great. I'd say that's a strength to your team. Don't mess with that.

      Defense looks like it could be good. But it could also be kind of weak. If I were you, I'd probably try to deal Rob Blake for Phaneuf or Weber and if you need to include someone else to go along in the deal, probably just go ahead and do it. Or you could deal Blake for a right winger. But he's obviously older and obviously coming off a real good season. So, I'd trade him while his value is still high.

      Goal-tending looks great. Three starters. Unfortunately, you've probably got to do something that kind of goes against the traditional thinking here. Personally, I like to always have three starters if possible. I'm not sure that's possible in your case. If I were you, I'd try to trade away Mason. Do not, I repeat do not, however, trade away Miller or Luongo. That tandem will win you a lot of games. Then I'd just grab whatever goalie ends up as a starter to replace him. And I'd definitely get rid of Raycroft. Get a bag of pucks or a roll of tape. Gustavsson. Supposed to be the best goalie outside of the NHL. Supposed to be the backup in Toronto and we already know that Toronto is a tough place to keep a job. So, I'd probably drop Raycroft for him.

      So, there you have my advice. Hope it's worth a flip.

    • looks good to me, considering what you had to work with
      you have solid goaltenders in Luongo and Miller--that will
      definitely help-
      like spyd said, LW is weak so i'd try to upgrade
      Maybe Morrow (DAL)--he was injured last season
      and might throw off whoever has him...

    • My initial thoughts are that you are a Canucks fan. Having that many players from one team will burn you! They have a rough game and you end up with a big loss that day. RW is very weak. Get rid of Raycroft. He will not be starting any games and he may not get the back-up role anyways since Schneider gets to try out. D is very weak as well. I am surprised how few allstars you have considering there are only 10 teams. I think you may have overpaid for players playing for Vancouver is my guess...

      • 1 Reply to Spyd
      • Thanks for your comments Spyd. What I failed to mention is this pool started with a team draft that required us to keep 7 players from the original team roster. I had 2nd last pick and took Vancouver. I landed the Sedin's and Luongo, which was a bonus, but had to keep some others. Yes, I took more than I needed but I plan to make a few moves at the start of the season. I also made a few moves bofore draft time picking up Seabrook and Goligoski. I was looking for younger future D as keepers in those moves.

        Based on the format mentioned above, you can imagine the limited selection that remained come draft time. I had 2nd overall pick and took Parise, but then had to wait almost two full rounds before picking again.

        As for Raycroft I decided to keep him just incase the goalie selection sucked come my next draft pick, but I landed Miller and Mason in later rounds and now plan to move Raycroft for another RW (good eye). The problem is RW's are few and far between. I am very happy with Backes though, he'll boom in a young and stacked STL this year.

        What I like about my roster is the amount of players I have that will fair well in a majority of categories, not just one. Most of my guys have at least high stats in 2, some 3. Those are the guys that help you win pools.

        Any other feedback?


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