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  • Michael Michael Aug 8, 2009 6:10 PM Flag

    best fantasy hockey goalie

    which goalie would you pick first and why. Me personally Brodeur - even though he got injured last year he's been the top goalie over the years (stats wise) and not counting last season was always healthy. He is 37 though so I'm open to other opinions. Oh and it's for a standard yahoo league - not keeper.

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    • Luongo will play more games, but Nabokov will get more wins.

    • Best goalie in terms of value for your pick is going to be Ryan Miller. Should be around round 4-5 after last year's injury. The defense in front of him is going to be a lot more physical this year which should help out his ratios. They played him in 76 games 2 years ago so you know the wins are gonna be up there. He had 34 wins last year while missing more than a month.

    • I can't believe I read so many messages about the age of Brodeur. Patrick Roy played great at 38 and Hasek posted really good stats before he retired at 40 years old. New Jersey is a good defensive team and Brodeur is still good for two solid seasons. (Since I believe Brodeur is as good as Roy and Hasek)

    • Well, last year I skipped Kipper for the first time in 4 years. Though he always brought me a lot of points, I didn't have high hopes for (my) Flames. At the end he wrapped up most wins though. I think the Flames will focus much more on defence this season so his GAA will drop.
      My first goalie pick will be Kipper.

    • i think Brodeur is very high risk. he still has the skills (although a bit less), but i don't think he can survive another 70 games w/o a serious injury in between.

    • Well... Last year I had Lundqvist as the number one last year and he kind of disappointed me. I still think he was a pretty good value pick though.

      This year, you really have to think that Brodeur has got to lose a step. I mean, it's got to happen eventually right? Then again, we've been saying that for three or four years now, so, who knows. Personally, when it comes to goal-tending and fantasy hockey in general, I like to play it safe. So, I'd go with Luongo.

      And I realize that you ask who the best guy would be, but I think Cristobal Huet will be a really good pick this year. He's had good numbers the past couple of years and he's finally got a full-time job on a team that was good and young last year and added Marian Hossa.

    • When it comes to goalies you also have to look at the team.

      Loungo or Marty are no doubt the best goalies on the planet, but Loungo plays on an OK team as far as wins go. Marty will do great this year because NJ will be going back to a defensive style of a game now that they have head coach Jacque Lemair back.

      My personal pick would be Marc-Andre Fleury. He doesn't play as much as Marty, but my god look at the team. The only knock against the Pens is their defense.

    • marty is a solid pick and if he is there you gotta take him...however other goalies worth consideration are the bruins thomas, vancovers louongo (prob mispelled), and a sleeper in next years draft could be ray emery

    • i love brodeur but let's not kid ourselves he is at the ripe old age of 37. that being said, he plays like he's 10 yrs younger, so he has to be considered as one of the top. My top five would go something along the lines of Thomas, Luongo, Nabokov, Brodeur, Kipper/Fleury.

      I place Thomas first because he plays in a pretty weak division and his team is strong, basically he's a lock for 35-40 wins if not even a bit more.

    • RAY EMERY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sorry, die hard flyers fan had to do it. I think i might go with kiprusof, not the best numbers but with added help on the blueline and decent scoring i think he might have a very good year.

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