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  • Shaun Shaun Apr 1, 2009 4:13 PM Flag

    Top 10 for Next Years Draft

    You would think it to be a no brainer and probably isn't. Who are the ten players that you would list for your draft list?
    Mine are as follows:

    1 Ovechkin
    2 Malkin
    3 Crosby
    4 Iginla
    5 Datsyuk
    6 Brodeur
    7 Thornton
    8 Kovalchuk
    9 St. Louis
    10 Heatley

    Notice I only have one goalie up there. Basically I like to only keep one up. I generally draft my goalies second round.
    Draft tip I found that works. Draft a top top top player first round then goalies the following two rounds. Most people stay busy drafting centers that they forget about wingers and how rare good ones are.

    For Goalies I cant really put them in an order from 1-10 but the ones I group in the top elite list would be:


    2nd level goes as:
    Thomas (even though he still has to fight to keep #1)

    If you agree great if not than great too. If anyone can come up with a better list and an explaination that would be helpful.
    I just put together my own little draft pack and am looking for insight

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    • 1. Ovechkin
      2. Malkin
      3. Crosby
      4. Brodeur
      5. Iginla
      6. Datsyuk
      7. Luongo
      8. Kovalchuk
      9. Getzlaf

      IMO, getting 2 solid goalies is the key to success. In my H2H league, there are 6 goalie categories, and 8 player categories. Also, goalie market gets really dry as the season progresses. The center position has lots of depth, and you can still get quality centers later in the draft. Wingers usually lack depth. At the beginning of the season, I was struggling to find a few good LW (only had Ovechkin/Parise). Later in the season, it was harder to find good RW (had Perry/Franzen/Langenbrunner). The way drafted this year was Top forward, Top Goalie, Top Forward, 2 Ds, and so on. I somewhat regret drafting Pronger and Chara after another (with M Richards, Kane, D Sedin), but at least I had solid D. The way I will probably do it this year is My 3 keepers (Ovechkin, Parise, Nabokov), Top goalie, Solid RW, Solid D, Solid C, Solid RW, Veteran D, Young Center, and etc...

    • 1. Ovechkin
      2. Malkin
      3. Crosby
      4. Parise
      5. Iginla
      6. Green
      7. Luongo
      8. Datsyuk
      9. Kovalchuk
      10. Brodeur / Getzlaf
      (depending on if you want a foreward or Goalie, i'd take Getzlaf)

    • How you can put Brodeur up there above Nabakov baffles me. Where is Parise ? Heatly ?? Really ? Not sure what type of league you'd be doing, but centers usually have the most value in head to head leagues.

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      • I stand by Brodie for sure, no better goalie then him in the world. I'm a nuks fan too, I love Luongo but Brodie is the best!
        Parise, theres a good argument for him. I would like to see him have more than one season over 70 points before I consider him a top 10. Heatley, he had a bad year this year but he is one of the best in the game at what he does.
        Take a better look at the players rather than the stats they put up this year. Have a good look at them overall

    • good picks

    • 1. Ovechkin
      2. Crosby
      3. Malkin
      4. Iginla
      5. Parise
      6. Datsyuk
      7. Kovalchuk
      8. Semin
      9. Getzlaf
      10. Hossa

    • It's obvious that you can get great goaltending without drafting a goalie in the first couple rounds if that's your objective. If you had picked up no goalies in your draft you could have still landed Steve Mason, Pekka Rinne, Chris Mason, Tim Thomas. I don't overvalue the goaltending like that.

    • Drafting Gaborik in the Top 10 doesn't make anyone an idiot - You'll notice I said "when fit", meaning he'd have to prove he can play for an extended period of time first.

    • I don't know how you can leave out Green from the top 10. If he was a forward he would almost be top 10 material, never mind a D. Instead of wasting the D spot, might as well make it count.

      Of the three goalies I have at the end of the season (Mason, Brodeur, Thomas), I only drafted one (Thomas). I wouldn't draft a goalie too early unless you're in a huge league.

    • eh i did this fast so they might not necessarily be in order, and i may have forgotten some but here we go:
      Top 10 (C):
      1. Malkin
      2. Crosby
      3. Datysuk
      4. Thornton
      5. Getzlaf
      6. Lecavalier
      7. Carter
      8. Savard
      9. M. Richards
      10. Backstrom

      Top 10 (LW)
      1. Ovechkin
      2. Zetterberg
      3. Kovalchuk
      4. Heatley
      5. Parise
      6. Vanek
      7. Semin
      8. Nash
      9. Sedin
      10. Morrow

      Top 10 (RW)
      1. Iginla
      2. Hossa
      3. St. Louis
      4. Kane
      5. Ryan
      6. Perry
      7. Kessel
      8. Alfreddson
      9. Gaborik
      10. Havlat

      Top 10 (D):
      1. Green
      2. Markov
      3. Rafalski
      4. Boyle
      5. Streit
      6. Wideman
      7. Chara
      8. Phaneuf
      9. Lidstrom
      10. Niedermayer

      Top 10 (G):
      1. Brodeur
      2. Luongo
      3. Nabakov
      4. Lundqvist
      5. S. Mason
      6. Kiprusoff
      7. Fleury
      8. Backstrom
      9. Miller
      10. Price

    • Think I'll go:
      1 Ovechkin
      2 Malkin
      3 Crosby
      4 Parise
      5 Semin
      6 Datsyuk
      7 Luongo
      8 Brodeur
      9 Iginla
      10 Green

      Hope I get 'em all!

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      • 1. Ovechkin - this one's a no-brainer
        2. Mike Green - position scarcity, 30 goals, 80 points likely. A huge advantage over anyone else at the D position.
        3. Evgeni Nabokov - great goalie for an elite team. And he plays a lot.
        4. Zach Parise - can you expect another 95 points? Maybe. Still a beast on shots, +/-, on top of great goal #'s.
        5. Alexander Semin - injury risk and streakiness are factors. But on a per-game basis, only Ovechkin is better.
        6. Evgeni Malkin - I don't like drafting C's in round 1, but not too many players can score 110P. Downgrade further if Gonchar's hurt again
        7. Sidney Crosby - see Malkin
        8. Martin Brodeur - first injury-plagued year. Otherwise a sure thing.
        9. Jarome Iginla - 89 points, in a slightly down year. Expect a rebound in shots and +/-.
        10. Jeff Carter - another C, but the enormous shot totals warrant a look.

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