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  • helmutt helmutt Mar 7, 2009 11:11 PM Flag

    Are these good moves??

    #1: 12-team H2H League

    I could drop Wheeler (who looked like a healthy scratch tonight?,) pick up Holstrom, put him on IR, and then get either Antropov or Erik Cole...Which one?

    I could use some PPP and help with +/-. Clinched 1st place.

    #2: 5 team points League (lil' leisure league with friends)

    I could get rid of Conklin and replace him with either Rinne, Ward, Roloson, Huet, or C. Mason...Which one?

    Wins are 4 pts., Saves .2 pts each, GA -1.

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    • aight first off i would go all carolina right now. cole and staal are a match made in heaven and if cole is a FA in ur pool get him. that being said i think that antropov will do very well in NY. so for right now pick up cole on forward.
      for goaltending i agree, drop conklin...or not. osgood was shit tonite so i think that conklin will get another shot. if you are going to drop him, i would pick these people in this order. ward, rinne, roloson, huet, mason. ward, rinne, rolo, and huet are all very close but i give a slight edge to one after the other.

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      • So stash Holstrom on IR (because I can, I guess,) then grab Erik Cole? If you think he'll still keep it up after tonight's 4 assist game, then he's a sure shot.

        If Conklin can get if not all, most of the starts, he is best behind a solid Detroit defense. But if they keep putting in Osgood, bad things happen. A win gets 4 points, and .2 for every save, so a genuine starter would be best. If Ward can keep his little streak going, then it would be awesome. Rinne might be giving some time to Ellis while he rests, but Roloson has been rather consistent in Edmonton.