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  • DeVoe DeVoe Feb 24, 2009 11:29 PM Flag

    Keeper Trade Questions

    I'm in a 12 team keeper league and we get to keep 8 players Below is my team:

    C: Backstrom, Bergeron, M.Koivu, Little, Brassard
    LW: Cammalleri, Vanek, Lucic, A.Kostitsyn
    RW:Setoguchi, Zherdev, Langenbrunner
    D: Markov, McCabe, Niskanen, Edler
    G: Nabokov, Smith, Bryzgalov

    Keepers thus far: Backstrom, Cammalleri, Vanek, Lucic, Setiguchi, Markov, Nabokov

    I've been after Datsyuk and I was offered him for Cammalleri, Koivu and Zherdev - is that giving too much? and I had been offered Sammulson/Beiska for Smith.

    I'd love to have Datsyuk, Backstrom, Vanek, Lucic, Setoguchi, Markov, Beiska, Nabokov as my keepers, but are the trades worth it?

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    • Dang, you're ripping off that guy real bad and you don't even know it.

      Without the trade, your keepers would be:
      Backstrom, Koivu, Brassard, Cammalleri, Vanek, Lucic, Markov, Nabokov

      After you got Datsyuk, your keepers should be:
      Datsyuk, Backstrom, Brassard, Vanek, Lucic, Setoguchi, Markov, Nabokov

      This means that you have too many young players that you have to drop at least two of them (Setoguchi and Zherdev).

      You listed Bieksa in your keepers, but he's not in your rosters. What's up with that?

      Since you have too many young players, you should really trade for a quality player with them.

    • yeah I would also have to say I would like your 8 keepers after the trades have gone through.

      if your only keeping 8 i wouldn't be worried about the players that you aren't keeping to begin with (i.e. koivu and zherdev).

    • anyone else?

    • wait. you are getting datsyuk for koivu, cammelleri, and zherdev? dude ur rippin that guy a new one haha! cammelleri has proven in the past to be a "one-hit wonder" during the season, zherdev just sucks on a sucky team offensively, and koivu a decent center, but you are getting a decent center in return! take it and RUN!
      as for the second one i like your side too, smith may be out for the year so i would get rid of him asap.


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