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  • thirstydeer thirstydeer Feb 13, 2009 2:37 PM Flag

    Goalie Dilemma... Please Help Me Out

    Right now I've got 4 goalies. Right now they are giving me great numbers, but it's a very unstable situation that I want to stabilize:

    Backstrom (my sole stable starting goalie)
    Khabibulin (splits starting time with Huet - so a 1A goalie)
    Clemmensen (stable until Brodeur comes back, which is any day)
    Hiller (getting more starts, but competing for starts with Giguere)

    I'm keeping an eye on what goalies I can pick up in my league, and of the lot, these are the ones that are best to claim:

    Rinne (seems to have nailed the starting job in Nashville)
    Quick (ditto in LA, and giving good numbers despite bad team)
    Mason (St. Louis goalie has secured starting role from Legace)
    Elliott (getting all the starts in Ottawa, and doing good so far)

    Then there's the question of who to give up for any of these, as neither of the above list is a "sure thing" in terms of starting minutes. First thought is to wait for Brodeur to come back, then drop Clemmensen. Could also drop Hiller since there's no pattern as to when he starts.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    • Please, am looking for more input. Right now my plan is to drop Clemmensen when Brodeur starts to get action, and perhaps Hiller... big question is who do I pick up?

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      • ride clemmers till he is dry and gone. he wont buy you a thing and puts up very good numbers......

        hiller is like the detroit dilemma. pull your hair out doing the dance..

        mason and quick or rinne is where i would start... i gave up on conklin and hiller.. i think mason will give st. louis some stability and quick has showed what he can do. and the good news is they are going to start most games!!!!

    • I'm in the same position as you. Been rotating a third goalie since dropping Giguere, who I just completely gave up on and no one wanted to trade for. Time-share goalies suck, so I've been adding and dropping Roloson, Quick and Elliott. I think I'm going to settle on Roloson for a while, but Elliott makes for a good option right now.

    • Stand pat on Clem until Brodeur takes over. Milk that for everything you can. In between, play Bulin whenever you can.

      Not sure about Hiller, but not sure any of the other 4 are real upgrades. If you're a chance taker...go with Quick. I think his name is indicative of the time he'll spend in the NHL, but for now its good.