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  • Kev C Kev C Feb 4, 2009 4:03 AM Flag


    J.R. you sound like you are trying to get someone in your own league to drop Langenbrunner.
    Have you seen his numbers this entire year? hes as solid a 3rd RW man as you can get.. maybe even 2nd this last 2 months. Consistent all year long. He was not only the player of the week but the player of the month. he is playing with one of the hottest Guys in the league (parise) and zajac who is still young and showing much more confidence now. To say langenbrunner is just a nother guy is incorrect. Good luck trying to pick him up in your own league. loser

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    • Hes just angry he didn't pick him up earlier. In no way am i saying that he has crazy value in trade or anything...some i guess depending on the depth of the league but to grab him off FA is a rather large steal.

      J.R will eat his own words soon enough. If there is any other FA even remotely comparable to him on any leagues wire...their league is a complete joke.

      And to compare him to Nylander is wrong. Langenbrunner has far more fantasy potential then him, hands down. Kev C is right, he has been very consistent all year besides the first few games.

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      • I don't know how many times I have to say this, but I wouldn't have Langenbrunner on my team, and I certainly don't regret not picking him up. I don't own any players I would even remotely consider dropping him for on any team. Let's take a look at some numbers here, shall we?

        Langenbrunner, since the start of the year (09):

        15 GP, 10 G, 8 A, +10, 5 PPP, 46 SOG, .191 SH%

        Langenbrunner, Oct. 10 - Dec. 31:

        35 GP, 5 G, 19A, +9, 3 PPP, 86 SOG, .059 SH%

        OK, first off, the guy has almost quadrupled his SH% from the first 35 games to the last 15. Notice anything funny there, particularly considering he's a .100% lifetime shot? .

        24pts in the first 35gms, but 18pts in the last 15gms. He's almost doubled his season output in every statistical category since the beginning of the year, and you guys actually think he can possibly keep up a pace like that, given his lifetime averages? This isn't a guy who's suddenly breaking out in his 14th year in the NHL...it's fluke...

        Also take into account that most of his scoring has come in two spurts over the course of the season:

        Oct.10-Nov.20 - 17gp, 3G, 4A, 7pts
        Nov.21-Dec.12 - 8gp, 2G, 9A, 11pts
        Dec.13-Jan.8 - 14gp, 2G, 6A, 8pts
        Jan.10-Feb.3 - 11gp, 8G, 7A, 15pts

        So, broken down another way, he has:
        10G, 16A, 26pts in 17GP and 5G, 10A, 15pts in the other 31GP.

        So, if you still think I'm wrong, take a look at all those stats and determine if you're psychic enough to figure out the few weeks that he'll actually help your team instead of wasting space.


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