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  • Brock W Brock W Jan 24, 2009 1:49 PM Flag

    Carey Price Keeper Trade

    So, about a week ago, this dude sent me an offer –

    I get – Hejduk, Pominville, Price and Ersberg
    I give – Marleau, Doan, Ward and Khabibulin

    So, anyway, being some kind of a dumbass, I rejected the offer. So, first of all, do you also think that I’m a dumbass for not accepting the trade? And now that Price isn't DTD any more, the guy is rather happy that I did so. However, as with any keeper league, if you get teased with an offer for Carey Price, you tend to get a hard on. So, I'm trying to figure out what I need to offer this guy to get Price. I'll give you my roster, his roster, and a whole bunch of trades that he has already rejected. Then, you tell me what you think I should offer him to get Price. And by the way, I took over this team two years ago when it was in the pits, so if it doesn't look all that impressive, you don't need to tell me, I already know. Hence, I'm stacking up on as much good young as possible. Also, I need to drop somebody so that I can get Jack Johnson off my IR. The logical choice would be O'Brien, but I'd never see another penalty minute in my life if I did that, so, if you've got an idea there as well, let me know.

    I’m not too far out of the playoffs, 15 points from 5th place, and 11 points from 6th place, but I’m currently in 9th, so there’d be a lot of fighting going on to get a spot. I do like my roster better than most of the other guys fighting for the spot though. And we keep entire rosters from season to season. Personally, I put a pretty high level of value on Price. As far as keeper goalies, I only think Luongo and Lundqvist have more value, and I think Price may be the next Brodeur (probably a little early to be saying stuff like that, but they have had similar starts to their careers).

    My roster -
    Centers - J. Staal (LW), Marleau (LW), Getzlaf, H. Sedin, Kopitar
    Left Wings - J. Staal (C), Marleau (C), Doan (RW), Versteeg (RW), A. Kostitsyn, Shanahan
    Right Wings - Doan, (LW), Versteeg (LW), Wheeler, Dumont
    Defense - Campell, Keith, O'Brien, Suter
    Goalies - Ward, Khabibulin, Quick, Crawford, Bernier
    IR - J. Johnson, Tanguay

    His roster -
    Centers - Datsyuk, Carter, Backstrom, O'Sullivan (LW)
    Left Wings - Cammalleri, Clowe, O'Sullivan (C)
    Right Wings - Hossa, Pominville, Hejduk
    Defense - Liles, Bouwmeester, Bieksa, Coburn, Murphy
    Goalies - Price, Bryzgalov, Budaj, Nittymaki, Ersberg, Varlamov
    IR - Brodeur

    So, now onto the trades that this dude has rejected.....

    #1 - Marleau, A. Kostitsyn, J. Staal and Khabibulin for O'Sullivan, Cammalleri, and Price

    #2 - Marleau, A. Kostitsyn, J. Staal, Khabibulin, and Crawford for Cammalleri and Price

    #3 - Marleau, A. Kostitsyn, J. Staal, and Ward for Cammalleri and Price

    #4 - Marleau, A. Kostitsyn, Dumont, Khabibulin, Ward and Crawford for Cammmalleri, Pominville, Price and Ersberg

    #5 - Marleau, A. Kostitsyn, Doan, Dumont, and Khabibulin for Cammalleri, Pominville and Price

    #6 - Marleau, Suter, Ward, Khabibulin and Crawford for Pominville, Bouwmeester, Price and Ersberg

    #7 - Marleau, A. Kostitsyn, Campbell, Ward, Khabibulin, and Crawford for O'Sullivan, Cammalleri, Bouwmeester, Price, and Ersberg

    #8 - Marleau, Doan, Dumont, Khabibulin for O'Sullivan, Pominville, Price.

    #9 – Marleau, Dumont, Ward, Khabibulin, and Crawford for Pominville, Price and Ersberg.

    #10 – Marleau, A. Kostitsyn, Doan, Dumont, Ward, Khabibulin, and Crawford for O’Sullivan, Cammalleri, Pominville, Price and Ersberg.

    So.... Any ideas?

    I’ve currently got…. Nothing on the table.

    Thank you for reading and giving a response.

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