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  • C. Kn00blauch C. Kn00blauch Jan 20, 2009 12:51 PM Flag

    Is this a fair trade?

    The comish of our league just pulled off this trade:

    He traded:
    Dave Bolland
    David Moss
    Tuomo Ruutu
    Pekka Rinne
    Erik Ersberg

    He received:
    Sheldon Souray
    Evgeni Nabokov


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    • Yeah but if you have people who just give players away to the commish or people who dont even look at the pool during a b.s trade then what is the guy complaining on the league suppose to due if it is a league vote and he voted no.

      That trade still goes through and you win the league on a grabage trade.

      I been there had it happen and got trashed for it meanwhile the commish was in the wrong and he reversed it.

    • that's just silly

    • The only justification I have was to see if anyone else was paying attention in the league...

      Activity has faltered lately, and I wanted to see who was still "awake"...

      Yea I know the trade is bullsh*t, hence me doing it...what better way to get people to pay attention than pass a crap trade...

      One will fine out REALLY quick who's paying attention, and who isn't...

      Me and Co-Manager have worked things out...

      In the end the trade will be reversed...

    • just as i said, we have a case of an idiot trying to defend how ripped of another idiot just so that he can win. I love those type of comish'es that are so badly in shit, they ask their friend to log on today and drop couple of guys, just to have him showing last activity january 21st. This is so pathetic it might make him cry reversing the trade. This is just an insult to all of us out here who try to play a fair game and win deservedly!!!

      once again i believe only solution here to be to trade your whole team to another owner who objected the trade (surely there must be someone else, or is this a league of retarded people ? ) and that drop everyone on your team and tell the comish to blow you and david moss

    • Not sure if you read my post earlier Commish when you went to your class. Went like this is crazy Commish main word (COMMISH), MacKinnon has every right to be pissed, best you can offer for NHL's 1st place team (Nabby) Rinne, Ersberg?? Then at best Ruttoo and Moss and scrubs, what a JOKE!!!!!!
      Now being the COMMISH you don't just sit there and see if people VETO a UNFAIR TRADE you as the COMMISH aare suppose to VETO UNFAIR TRADES if it's not VETOED by Managers and or CO-MANAGERS!!!!

    • i wouldn't call it cheating but totally unfair

      i don't see how the commissioner can try to justify such lopsided trade

      it's too bad some people don't have more integrity than that

    • i don't see how the commissioner of the league can try and justify such a lopsided traded

      it's too bad some people don't have more integrity

    • Nabokov and Souray for a bag of pucks. Thats what this trade is.

    • Mackinnon,
      my advice to you is just leave the league. It is very evident and obvious the league is corrupt. Or you can stay and put up with it. Complaining about it gets you nowhere, even though I - as well as everyone else knows - that Commish has in some way, shape, form has cheated to get this trade to go through. But you know what - he CAN cuz he's the commish and he can do whatever he wants. It sucks but thats just the way it is there is nothing you or yahoo or anyone can do about it.
      Screw him, and wait til next year. There are more decent leagues and commish's than chitty ones like your commish.

    • I can't believe this thread is still going. It's done and over with. Fair or not, it's 'The Commishes' league to run it how he sees fit.

      Personally, I think it's a lopsided trade, BUT....who says a trade should be even? Most trades would never happen if one of the teams involved didn't think they were gaining an advantage with the trade. The whole point in making trades is improving your own team.

      Also, why should others be able to dictate how a team is managed? If a manager is either ignorant and doesn't know any better, or has his own reasons for wanting a particular player, then it's his team to make that decision on who he wants.

      Now, if collusion is evident, then that is different and indeed should be vetoed, however, there is no evidence of that in this case. A lopsided trade doesn't mean that collusion is involved.

      We're fantasy owners, people, not dictators. Run your own team the way you see fit and let others do the same. If it's an issue, be sure to join public leagues or private leagues where you know the other managers have credibility.


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