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  • C. Kn00blauch C. Kn00blauch Jan 21, 2009 7:15 PM Flag

    Is this a fair trade?

    This is the only trade I've ever complained about. I will let a lot go, but not when the commissioner of the league pulls off the most lopsided trade I've ever seen.

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    • Hey Commish,

      You are a complete idiot if you think this trade is fair OR think it helps both teams. How can you explain the fact that NOT ONE person has posted that it is even remotely even?
      The only explanation that this trade was not vetoed is this:
      Your league is not active enough to see this trade proposal and vote to veto it in the time frame provided, and by the time they do see it, it is too late. It is either that, or you, as the Commish, are corrupting the league and running 2 teams. Yes, maybe this guy is real, but like you mentioned, you work together, and perhaps you just mentioned to him to go online and accept this trade, or asked him to propose it to you or whatever.....
      Your league is the ONLY league in yahoo fantasy hockey that would not veto this trade.
      Here is an idea:
      since you say NOBODY has posted "dislike" to this vote, why not ask all who think this tade is fair to post "like" instead?
      I feel sorry for this guy, even if he is only a "co-manager" these things are supposed to be fun and people like you ruin it for others.

    • So when the email came across your desk on the 18th about the trade you decided to:

      (A) stage a protest by posting your concern on the site

      (B) email everyone in protest and try to explain why you dislike the trade

      (C) sit around and pick you a**

      (D) make a small post in the site in protest..do nothing but sit around eating Cheetos and watching gay midget porn...then cry a week later after it was passed about how no one but your other manager feels like you do...and try to intimidate, disrespect, belittle, threaten, and boss around the league commish...try to rally some objective nobodies on a message board around him to help in his fight...and in general just act like a little b*&ch b/c he didn't get his own way in the beginning...then ask for a second chance to post the very protest that he posted while the trade was pending a week earlier to the very league managers that allowed the trade to pass in the first place...and never ever ever ever give up fighting, even when every point has been shot down and proven otherwise...

      My guess is (D)...

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      • Oh my,

        You are so lame. Quickly glance through everyone that posted here calling you a cheat, that you are a disgrace to fantasy sports... everyone knows you are wrong, even you do.

        "and try to intimidate, disrespect, belittle, threaten, and boss around the league commish.."

        Whatever I said, which was at worst "I'll make fun of your mom" is nothing compared to the lame insults you've hurled at me here... so way to be the bigger 'man'.

        The trade showed up in my e-mail Jan 18th, I protested it the 19th, it went through without any response from you... only after I wrote "reverse the trade or I'll make fun of your mom" (again, clearly joking) did you respond. A week didn't pass. Stop lying. Reverse the trade already. Swallow your father's seed and finish the season.


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