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  • C. Kn00blauch C. Kn00blauch Jan 21, 2009 2:06 PM Flag

    Is this a fair trade?

    Can someone tell me if it is possible to propose or accept a trade without even signing into the league? The guy who got ripped off hasn't signed in since January 7th but he apparently "accepted or proposed" the trade January 18th.

    I put accepted and proposed in quotaions because the Commish claims he was asked for the crappy players, and other time he explains that the other guy accepted.

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    • the trade is BS, everyone knows it and the Commish knows it.

      The fact that he is doing a revote doesn't make him a good guy. It's because he knows that all his League mates who are his Friends, won't say anythig about the trade.

      I still cant' believe that everyone else in the leageu thinks the trade is fair.......they must all be retarded or the Commish told all of his friends to not say anything about the trade.

      you really need to just get out of this league and next year, join a league with friends and you wont have this problem ever again.

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      • Yeah,

        I came to that conclusion yesterday. It clearly fishy, the commish knows its fishy... it just sucks that up until this it was a pretty decent league. There are 14 teams, 6 or 7 are pretty active and its close at the top... then out of nowhere this trade happens.

        He claims I cry about any trade, but I've let every trade in the league so far go by without saying anything. He gets Lundqvist for Jeff Carter... I say nothing, because both teams win...

        My whole point is, it sucks (especially for my co-manager who takes this more seriously than I do) that he spent a good chunk of time on this league, only to likely lose because this powertripping commish feels like winning by cheating is as good as winning by being a crafty gm.

        It just sucks for everyone that was legit, so I feel like I need to take a stand on it. Sorry for posting it all here, I would have posted this in the league board, but he locked anyone opposed to the trade from posting on the board (sure that may just be myself and my co-manager) but still...

    • No, it can't be. I know for a fact that if you make any moves add/drop or propose trades it will count that as you being active meaning his last logon should show jan18th.
      this trade is obviously terrible and "the commish" wins by a landslide. Allowing the trade for re-vote would be a good idea, if any of the teams in the league actually cared about fantasy hockey.
      maybe you should propose a trade clutterbuck and bernier for crosby. seems about as fair as this trade.
      I'm all for buying low/selling high trades which might seem a little lopsided or maybe taking a little downgrade from what your player is worth to get a position you desperately need, but sorry this doesn't fit either of those categories.
      Ersberg was placed on the IR and at best Rinne will split starts with Ellis for the rest of the season. I highly doubt the guy would want any of your scrubs Moss/bolland etc. when he could just as easily find them or better players on the FA list.
      Don't kid yourself or anyone else on these messageboards by saying "oh it's fair, look it made it through!" Your arguments are pathetic.

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      • first of all its funny how a guy is trying to defend himself, saying that other team wanted certain players and that it takes 2 teams to accept the trade to go through. Your saying he wanted specifically david moss ? is he his younger brother or something ? because if he is not, he could have just droped nabokov and picked up sean avery, there is not much difference between the two. If no one on the league except this guy vetoed the trade, they must be thinking its either NBA or NFL league that they are in, otherwise i cant see anyone who knows how a puck looks, agreeing with the trade. As for commish, i would say that if its your league, you should never allow such a trade to go through, especially when you are the one benefiting. So you see that a team is quiting on your league (nice way of running it than since teams are leaving) and try to exploit this, what a pitty.

        My advice to the other guy would be as some1 stated before, just trade all your best players to the team in 2nd place behind comish, for all his crap players and also give up on the team.


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