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  • mike mike Jan 20, 2009 9:33 PM Flag

    Is this a fair trade?

    are people active in this league?

    you can check this by going to your league page and clicking on managers to see their league activity.

    hard to belive this wasn't vetoed........i'm thinking this is an inactive and thus, lame ass league.

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    • It's a very active league...maybe guys take a week off here and there, but all teams are active...

      Co-Manager there is the only one with issues about this trade...ironically his manager doesn't have a problem with it...

      In the league, we all vote on trades, no matter how crazy they may seem to a select few.

      This guy was invited a week ago to join in on the league to help assist...he wasn't there from the beginning. He wants to come in, run his mouth, be disrespectful to all involved, and think he can throw around his opinion in a league that basically no one cares about him in...then when he gets appropriately dealt with after repeated incidents, he cries to another board about it...

      you guys are only seeing one distorted side of the truth...

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      • Haha,

        Please post the other side of the 'distorted' truth. Oh wait, you deleted everything that explains (though it really needs to explanation) why the trade is such a joke.

        And by one week I think you mean a month or two...

        And yes, my co-manager does have a problem with it.

        I'm clearly not alone, everyone on this board who I'm crying to has voiced the exact same "this is a joke trade" expression I have. I initially posted it to make sure I wasn't crazy... and I'm apparently far from it.

        Please tell this board the reasoning behind why this trade is good for both teams that 'you couldn't muster because I didn't deserve an explanation' before... once you do that, I'll drop it. If you can't, you just wasted everyone who actually still plays in that leagues (assuming you don't manage the other 13 teams yourself) time as you have ruined all credibility with this terrible terrible terrible trade.

      • well i think many see the trade as lop-sided ........but if there is no evidence of collusion of any kind then the trade should be OK.

        you can't veto stupidity......if that team wants and believes he got the better deal, then so be it..........no collusion, no veto


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