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    Help on Improving Roster 5th/12

    Ok, I'm playing in a 12 team H2H league and my roster currently stands as this:

    C: Mike Richards, Datsyuk, Sundin
    LW: Cammalleri, Elias, Frolov
    RW: Hejduk, Pominville, Zherdev
    D: Blake, Rafalski, McCabe, Coburn
    G: Theodore, Budaj, Biron, Osgood, Brodeur(IR)

    I have been trying to trade Osgood to the guy who has Conklin, but I'm not sure what I can get in return seeing he hasn't played a game in a decade. Some Notable FA's are: Guerin, White, Backes, Zajac, Knuble, Wheeler, Kunitz, Peter Mueller, Erat, A. Kostitsyn, O' Sullivan, Huselius, Prospal, Eriksson. Any of those guys worth adding at the expense of a drop? What players should I try to package together in a trade and what kind of player should I trade them for? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    • There are some decent forwards avaialble considering this is a 12 team league. I would package Sundin and either Theodore or Budaj for a top goaltender. Then pick up White if he's still available.

    • Is this a keeper league?
      First thing u shoudl do is drop osgood and pick up nittymaki as a handcuff. Osgood is not the future (near or far) in DET. Conklin will take the goalie duties over from him even when the Oz is back.
      U should def keep the following as they are no brainers for the rest of the season.
      C- Mike Richards, Datsyuk
      LW- Cammalleri, Elias
      RW- Zherdev, Pominville
      D- Blake, Rafalski
      G- Theodore, Brodeur(IR), Biron
      As for the rest of them here's my opinion -
      frolov won't reach his 67 point mark from last yr, hedjuk doesn't have anyone to play with except Smyth who is streaky (so he is definetly not a good option; try to sell on his 70 point image too.), Coburn is a good and upcoming dman in philly (it might be a good play to keep him cuz philly will be a powerhouse in the second half but he will share the goodies with timmonen and carle), Mccabe is a plain shitbag and won't do much good in FLA (he might get hot sometimes, so try to sell on the amount of PP time he gets in FLA and his 50 point marks from his TO days), i already talked about osgood, and i don't see budaj doing much good in COL since their top two Cs are out.
      - Go after Henrik Lundquist if u can, he had an awful december, so try to buy low on him.
      - Other than that if Sundin does not start performing in the first two weeks try to dump his ass on some other owner, everyone owner wants him, if anyone proposes trades for him they will try to use the -he hasn't played in the first half/he will be rusty- card on you. Don;t buy into that bullshit.
      - Apart from all that u look pretty set, try to get a good goalie.

    • i'd try to trade Sundin for someone really good. Wheeler is really hot right now, but I don't know if it's just rookie luck. All the others are pretty much the same.

    • bumpity, bump, bump, anyone? anyone? bueller?


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