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  • Pittsburgh18 Pittsburgh18 Dec 27, 2008 2:46 PM Flag

    is my team good

    Is my team good or not rate it on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest.
    C Scott Gomez
    C Sam Gagner
    LW Dany Heatley
    LW Brian Rolston
    RW Marian Hossa
    RW Jonathan Cheechoo
    D Alez Goligoski
    D Wade Redden
    D Philippe Boucher
    D Ed Javanovski
    BN Alex Semin
    BN Ron Hainsey
    G Jonas Hiller
    G Antero Nittymaki
    BN Brent Johnson
    BN Martin Brodeur
    i am 4th im my league with 12 teams but i think i ccan do better

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    • post this question on the forum at www.dailyfaceoff.com for indepth fantasy hockey and betting analysis!!

    • yeh i know thats exactly right

    • 7 is my rate

    • Penguins are confusing, Crosby only scored 1 goal in the past 10 games or seomthing, really confusing lol.. but at the same time he and Malkin are still 1st & 2nd in league scoring

      i guess we just need Gonchar & Whitney to be 100% healthy, and then we'll have the real penguins team alive and well

      Capitals SHOULD be amazing if they can stay healthy, but still, a line of Ovechkin-Backstrom-Semin and their d-man Green is the only threats they have.. for some Nylander is playing beyond garbage.... so Capitals have absolutely no depth in their lineups

      Flyers & BRuins have the most depths in their lineups

      Flyers have 3 lines capable scoring amazingly.... and Bruins have 2 super awesome lines, and 2 awesome shut-down forward lines... really well built

    • yes i agree that he is the greatest and u have a point they are totally unpredictable but caps are good on home ice they are 15-1-1 so they have an advantage there but they suck on the road and the pens are just a mess they went from 2nd place to 4th in a week. but in some games they come back in the 3rd so who knows

    • cool we're the same age almost =)
      then we both agree that Crosby is the greatest hockey player of OUR generation right??

      i really hope San Jose goes all the way, they totally deserve it.. but they just have such a bad reputation of flopping in the playoffs.. but i'm hoping this year is different, i hope they go to the West Finals with Chicago....

      and in the East, Boston seems to be unstoppable, and so does Philly... but Penguins & Capitals are totally unpredictable for some reason

      but easily... Boston & Philly & Penguins & Capitals are the powerhouses of the Eastern Conference

    • well im 19 so i have never seen him play but my dad has and i think that san jose will go all the way and the caps will only make is 2 the final 8 with the pens. but i also think boston will go all the way

    • I used to be a hardcore Penguins fan back in the days of Jagr..... i'm only 20-years old so unfortunately i'm too young to witness the awesome days of LEmieux =(

      but when JAgr was playing, Penguins used to be my favroite team along with the Flyers

      this year:

      final 4:

      Flyers vs Boston (or Penguins)

      Chicago vs San Jose (or maybe Detroit if they finally get a real goalie)

      and i already predicted back in September that Gagne would reach 100 points, and i'm sticking with that

      i've never watched AHL hockey in my life lol... sorry and i hate baseball soo much... but i'm soo happy ur a Philly's fan!!!

    • wow thats some good predictions

      my fave team is The pittsburg penguins but i have my share of fave players on other teams. im a pittsburg fan in every sport exept baseball which im a die hard phillies fan. And in Ahl my team is the bears.

    • Gagne is ur 3rd favorite?? cool

      and yes i'm a flyers fan my entire life!!! GAgne-Briere-Richards are sooo awesome

      but of course i have other favorites like Crosby/Malkin/Nash/Toews/Kane/Gezlaf/Iginla/Thornton/Hossa/Gaborik

      go Flyers!!

      i guess u've never read any of my previous posts eh??

      last year i predicted that the final four would be:

      Flyers vs Pens


      Detroit vs Minnesota

      and the finals would be Flyers vs Detroit

      i was almost right eh??

      and this year i predict that Gagne will be in the top 10 in league scoring, and he would hit 100 points... and so far i'm on a good pace

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