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  • vestaxwax vestaxwax Dec 4, 2008 10:53 PM Flag

    LonF=REAL Trade Expert

    the trade basically boils down to hossa for nabokov. in this light, it's an even trade and your decision should be based upon your needs. if you need a goalie, go for nabby. if you need scoring, keep hossa.

    auld has been nothing short of amazing so far and i've always believed this guy had the skills to be a starter. i saw him play a lot when i used to live and vancouver and he filled in for the oft injured cloutier. BUT ottawa (like philly) is finicky with goalies and there's a good chance they'll make a trade for a #1. if so, auld gets shoved back to the backup position and his value plummets.

    so with that said, i see auld as a good sell high candidate. i would recommend though, that you wait another week or two before moving him since ottawa seems to be playing better and should rack up a few wins for him.

    i don't consider moreau to be a fantasy option considering how many other LW are around that do so much more...unless of course you need the PIMS.

    so would i trade hossa and auld for nabby and moreau? no.

    you can get a lot more than moreau is basically what i'm saying.

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    • Ok well you said that it depedns if I ned a goalie or offense...well my goalies are Auld, Bryz, Halak and Rinne. As far as offense goes my top guys are Hossa, Alfie, Tanguay, D.Sedin, H. Sedin, and Elias you could even include Lucic since he contributes in all cats. And for PIMS i got Clarkson, Neil and Lucic but help in any category is always nice.

      He also said he would be wiling to do somethng liek this

      Hossa, Auld, Rinne
      Nabokov and Wheeler

      Seems like a lot more put Wheeler is a big upgrade from Moreau and in a keeper league young talent like Wheeler is important.
      Do you think any of these 1 offers are worth it?

      As well I am not that considered about givign away Auld I have a feeling he will lose the number 1 spot either from a trade or a row or bad games, so I'd like to trade him while he's worth something.

      Thanks again for your help. :)

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      • that's a worse deal. wheeler is a big strong kid, but he's a still a rookie. he's only on pace to have around 40 points and that's not someone i'd want on my fantasy team.

        whether you like auld or not, his numbers are solid. he might be getting the respect he deserves yet, which is why i think a few more weeks and a streak of wins could really help you get someone of value in return for him.

        i do think you need a number one goalie, but i'd push for more in return if you're going to lose hossa. hossa is going to be a top 5 scorer this year and his value should reflect that.


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