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  • Vic Vic Dec 4, 2008 2:09 AM Flag

    backstrom goalie trade

    i have savard, niklas backstrom from minny, and cammalleri. someone has offered me marian hossa and joe thornton for those 3. what do you think?

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    • i say dont do the deal u would have to drop another player? u losin a top notch goalie and a awesome center in savard( really good season) and cammalleri? no of them are strugglin so why make the deal?

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      • yea, but i was just thinking that thornton is more likely to continue to put up numbers in the grand scheme of the season. savard has the possibility of slowing down since boston could just be hot right now. also, cammalleri i'm not too fond of. hossa is on fire and i'm in dire need on RW. i have dipietro on IR, biron, khabibulin and waiver pickup chris mason. so i have goaltending depth kinda. backstrom is just on fire, basically its savard for thornton and backstrom for hossa. still don't know what to do. i'm in first currently, but i wanna make sure it stays that way.

    • Honestly, I dont think I could do that deal. Now, I need your help. Team A gets Cam Ward, Dustin Brown, and Jonathan Toews. Team B gets Pavel Datsyuk, J.P. Dumont, and Ilya Bryzgalov. Is this trade fair or lopsided. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE FAIR OR LOPSIDED IN YOUR RESPONSE. Thanks in advance for your help.

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      • I wouldn't pull the trigger unless you already have another amazing goaltender. Even if you do, it's kinda iffy! Savard is on fire right now.. and there are no signs of him slowing down yet. Backstrom alone should be able to fetch you someone of Thornton's calibre IMO.

        To Butta's trade..

        I'd say Team B wins..
        Datsyuk > Toews
        Dumont > Brown
        Ward > Bryzgalov (but Bryzgalov has shown in the past he can play very well, it's just a matter of time, while on the other hand Ward has never played that well outside of that amazing playoff run he had.)

        Note - Bryzgalov isn't really the starting goalie right now.. Tellqvist or whatever his name is :)

        Umm, lopsided.. I might say so (not by much), but not enough for it to be veto'd.


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