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  • vestaxwax vestaxwax Dec 1, 2008 9:31 PM Flag

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    • Currently dead last


      H Sedin
      S Koivu
      M Koivu
      P Sharp
      P Kane





    • Okay I need some serious help on my team, you mentioned yesterday that you would give me some advice via msn im. If that offer still stands I could use the help. My msn im is rclesson@hotmail.com there is a few players avaliable that may help me abit ie Antoine Vermette, Dan Hamhuis

    • Rate and point out my weaknesses in my roster..

      V. Lecavalier (C)
      J. Arnott (C)
      N. Backstrom (C)
      M. Stajan (C)

      P. Sharp (C, LW)
      V. Prospal (LW)
      L. Eriksson (LW)

      T. Selanne (RW)
      B. Boyes (RW)
      J.P. Dumont (RW)
      K. Versteeg (RW, LW)

      N. Lidstrom (D)
      P. Kubina (D)
      F. Kuba (D)
      K. Quincey (D)

      N. Backstrom (G)
      S. Mason (G)
      C. Huet (G)

      14 Players (Currently 1st, but barely)
      G, A, +/-, PIM, PPP, SHP, GWG, SOG
      W, GAA, SV%, SHO

    • u were the one that told me to make the deal for malkin/price for crosby and auld...well that didnt work out did it:lol

    • u call yer self good?...first yr in fantasy league four teams..2 h2d 1 points league and one rost...and other than rost i am 2nd place in all other 3?..can u match that as a rookie?

    • That's it for now. Thanks for coming out y'all.

      See you next time for more of the best free advice you can get on yahoo. G'nite!

    • Lol... Yeah.

      Tellqvist/Anderson.... I am up in the air on this one and you seem to be as well

      I guess for now, I will go with Tellqvist... Based on your opinion, and the fact that FLA plays OV and the Caps tomorrow night haha.

      Would you even consider picking up BOTH of them..?

      I have JS Giguere & M.Smith for goalies now, and Brodeur on the IR.

      Goalie stats are: Games Started, W, GA, GAA, SV, SV%, SO

      Whether you have 2 goalies or 4, stats usually even out.
      2 good goalies will get your less GA, and should get a better GAA and better SV%
      While 3-4 goalies will get you more GS & more Saves, and the potential for more Wins/Shutouts.

      What would your theory be.. 2,3 or 4 goalies (3-4 being Tellqvist & Anderson)

      Thanks again, much appreciated and excellent insight!

    • I got an offer today -

      Turco, Selanne for Brodeur, Zherdev

      Broduer is hurt until March, Turco needs glasses.

    • Thanks man, much appreciated.

      ... This is a league tho that has limited number of moves.
      So with that said, even tho Anderson is hot right NOW, would you still go with him... Or would you use up your move on Tellqvist?

      Neither team is great overall, or in the offense category. FLA has a solid top 4 Defense tho in McCabe, Bou, Boynton and Ballard.. And not terrible 5-6 guys either.
      PHO arguable has the better offense, but Olli is out for 2+ weeks. Looks like all they got is Doan.

      So would you still stick with Anderson in the long run or do you think as soon as he cools down, Vokoun has the job for the year out..
      And as for Tellqvist/Bryzgalov, do you think they will be duking it out all year, or will Gretzky stick with Tellqvist for a little while longer ... aka - he's not on a "short leash" as they say, while Anderson very well might be.

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      • there's a good chance phoenix will be shopping bryz. they like the kids and there's no reason to think the young swede won't be their go to guy.

        at this point i prefer anderson, even though he's a little bit more of a long shot. although, i expect FLA to deal bouwmeester as soon as sometime this week.

        i think phoenix is the better team overall and as of today they're giving up less goals. so in the long run, you might want to take a flyer on tellq.

        it's really too close to call at this point.

    • Hey, i was wondering if you could take a look at my team and tell my what u think.
      This is a VERY active 10 team Head to Head keeper league
      Stats that count: G, A, P, +/-, PIM, PPG, PPP, SHP, GWG, SOG, W, GAA, SV%, SHO
      The roster for each team is 3 of C,Lw,Rw. 4 Dmen, 2 Goalies and 8 Bench. (2 ir spots available)

      What are your thoughts on this team. Where can it improve? What are its strengths? What place do u think its in? Suggestions on how to improve the team? Players to Drop/Trade?

      E. Staal
      R.J. Umberger

      Zetterberg (C/Lw)
      S. Gagne
      Semin (ir)
      Stillman (ir)

      Antropov (C/Rw)



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      • first of all, kovalev is career bum. all the skills in the world and no heart. his current slump is an indicator his heart isn't into it this year. shop him hard.

        vokoun is on the verge of losing his job. shop him now before its too late.

        trade kuba before reality catches up to him. he's already slowing down. trade before he grinds to a halt.

        timonen has little value. there has to be better WW options available on D. how about burns in minnesota?

        ryder is a bum. there's a reason he was ushered out of montreal. if there's better players on the WW, i'd dump his sorry ass.

        chimera isn't anything special, nothing more than a 2nd line winger and minimal fantasy option.

        why is prospal still on your team? dump now.

        antropov ain't worth much either, but you might be able to trade him to a leafs fan.

        seabrook. not cutting the mustard.

        otherwise, you've got some good players. a good foundation to build on.

        toews will turn it around. he's snake bitten right now but as long as he keeps shooting, he'll find his groove

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