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  • Dab Dab Nov 25, 2008 10:10 PM Flag

    Veto this trade yes or no?

    I'm just wondering what are the requirements for a trade to be vetoed?

    I will give you a few examples with numbers and you can just answer by entering the number (or explanation if wanted)

    1. One guy is obviously getting more than the other. But the trade will obviously help out both teams.

    2. One guy is obviously getting more than the other. But the trade has great potential to help out the other team too. (i.e. gives away a really good player for a goalie who is in the dog house but has the potential). In other words, the other owner is trying to restructure his team or something (intent is there).

    3. One guy is obviously getting more than the other because the other doesn't know better (intent is there but it’s taking advantage).

    4. One guy is just getting rid of his players.

    What if its Toskala for Lidstrom. The basis for this is Toskala is going to a team who has no clear number one and is losing each week because he doesn't meet the requirements and thinks Toskala is worth more than his stats show. And giving up Lidstrom, who isn't having, or most likely isn't going to have as good of a season as usual (but still will be a great player for any team), doesn't apparently kill his offence and MAY (no guarantee) give him a chance to save his goalie stats and get back into the game before its too late.

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