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  • Marc Cruce Marc Cruce Nov 21, 2008 1:58 PM Flag

    Brodeur : What to expect....

    As more players continue to go down for stints on the IR people are starting to wonder if they should drop Marty who is going to be out for a while. So I thought I would put this out there to compare what realistically can be expected when he returns.

    First off, initially he was out until March, but now since his surgery went off successfully they are saying February, maybe slightly sooner. That easily puts him in the lineup before fantasy playoffs begin.

    For the sake of math and prediction assume he is activated Feb 3 (the Devils 1st game in Feb). That means he will be active for the last 32 games of the season...12 or 13 of those games are going to come against teams that the Devils (one would expect) will have a better record than.

    Assume Brodeur comes in and plays/wins 60% of those remaining games that still gives him 19 wins + the 6 he has now leaving him with 24 wins on the season. I would also expect 2 shutouts in that span judging from the schedule which gives him 4 on the year.

    I know this is all speculation and guessing based on timetables and schedules but in my league that is a somewhat realistic 256 points to drop onto the FA market.

    If I have a player go on IR for a long period of time in my league I will drop him because a FA can make up most of the points, especially when paired with a good trade. I dont know of anyone who can make up 200+ fantasy points in 3 months like Marty has the potential to do.

    Anyone agree? Disagree? Open it up to discussion because if I am wrong I'd like to understand what I am missing.

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