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  • molisano molisano Nov 18, 2008 10:26 AM Flag

    Funny Story

    So i'm in a H2H 12 man league. There is this guy in my pool who has Nabokov. As we all know, Nabokov got injured at the end of week 5. So on Monday of week 6 I picked up Boucher, the backup, before he could pick him up... Long story short, it looked to me like this guy wasnt gonna make his goalie starts without Nabokov... So I offered him Boucher for Gerber (because I have Auld and I wanted Gerber).. he turned me down.. I told him he was crazy because he needed Boucher to make his goalie starts...

    well he completely disagreed with me... It took him until Saturday week 6 to figure out I was right and he wasnt gonna make his goalie starts... he ends up dropping Gerber, the guy I would have traded him... boucher played amazing all week and went 5 - 1 -1 in that time... hahah

    he picked up Leighton to try to get his 3rd start but Carolina played Ward on Sunday.. hahah so he missed his starts and dropped 4 spots in the rankings..and now I can pick up Gerber as a FA

    what a dummy.

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