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  • Metrognome Metrognome Nov 17, 2008 4:49 PM Flag


    -please read all-

    i give-spezza, kovalev, higgins & bryzgalov

    i get-hossa, m richards, erat & theodore

    i am in 12 team 4-year keeper roto league

    a guy in my league didnt draft his goalie until the 6th round and by that time all of the elite keeper goalies were gone so he ended up with jose theodore and rick dipietro.

    i drafted luongo as my keeper first pick in the second round and i drafted bryzgalov as my second goalie first pick of the 6th round and i also picked up khabibulan off waivers as my third goalie. (184 max starts)

    this guys offense is stacked and he is willing to part ways with some of his offense to get a legit keeper goalie. he is desperate to get a new goalie and he is interested in bryzgalov a guy i expect will put up numbers close to (35W,2.50GAA,.920SV%). the thing is, im not making any trade unless i significantly improve offensnively since i currently sit (12,11,11,12)atop the goalie categories and if i make the trade, i will prolly drop in that department with theodore as my second goalie opposed to bryzgalov so will need to make up for it with G,A,P,PPP. also, he is the person who NEEDS to trade because he NEEDS a goalie, i dont need anything so like i said, unless i benefit from the trade im not doing it.

    his team

    c-m richards, backstrom, briere, o'sullivan
    w-hossa, alfreddson, erat, bouchard, whitney, stillman
    d-neidermeyer, corvo, liles, barker
    g-theodore, dipietro, macdonald, labarbera

    my team

    c-spezza, arnott, p bergeron, *tkachuk
    w-d sedin, kovalev, sharp, sykora, kunitz, *tkachuk, higgins
    d-rafalski, jovanovski, kubina, zidlicky, *pitkanen
    g-luongo, bryzgalov, khabibulan

    do you think m. richards, hossa and erat are a big enough upgrade over spezza, kovalev and higgins that it will be worth taking a downgrade in net with theodore over bryzgalov?

    is it worth taking a bit of a hit in goaltending categories this year for the better keepers for the next 3 seasons?
    i will get first pick next draft so if there is a really good goalie like backstrom there i will just draft him then i would have luongo-backstrom. what do you think?

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    • ur goalies will take a hit but not that much as theodore will get u many wins. u r going to be losing a quality C but are getting a decent one in return, although richards will not put near as much as spezza will. but with a combo with hossa they will put more points than spezza and kovalev. it all matters if u need goals which that trade will give or if u need assists which that trade will lose, although u r getting an assist in richards and balanced with hossa. look at it this way:

      spezza,Kovalev<Hossa Richards

      Hope this helps

      • 1 Reply to Chris S
      • in terms of goals and assists i dont really need one over the other but it would prolly be better to have the goal scoring when i think about it because a potential 50goal scorer is much much ahrder to come by than a potential 70assist man.

        i was also considering kovalevs age and contract status. he is 35 and in the final year of his contract so he might not be the greatest keeper and i know this guy is a habs fan as well so the homer pick along with his need for a goalie might boost his desire to make a deal thats better for me.

        what do u seriously think of spezza? do u think the days of him heatley and alfredson all having 90+(pts) and +20(+/-) are over? i feel like that team has kinda lost a lot of his depth over the years and i think potentially that along with their lack of D and G that that whole trio could see significant decrease in some of their stats especially +/-??


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