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  • Chris D'Alessandro Chris D'Alessandro Nov 16, 2008 3:13 PM Flag

    Hockey Elitist able to help

    Well, when it comes to trying to aquire a top player while not emptying out your pockets you should always look to trade your players who are hot now. Soo Gagne and Clowe make pretty good candidates. Also Zidlicky has done well so far and has been The first start for a couple games in a row now.

    I have Gagne and i would be hard pressed to trade him away. I really like the way hes playing and if he can avoid a concussion or injury this year he is good for 90+ points.

    I would be more inclined to trade Clowe or Zidlickly or possibly package them both.

    Look into acquiring, P. Sharp, Shea Weber, Getzlaf, Perry, Parise, Dumont, Greet, etc

    Look through your league history and look at managers who grab players who are off to hot starts, those are the people you want to be trading with. Simply because those are the suckers :P.

    I have both Jokinen and Gagne and i personally would have a tough time giving them up, But i would priobably give either up for Getzlaf. His line is a machine and hes a great depth player.

    I would try and make a package with Clowe. Clowe and Selanne possibly.

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