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  • Nev Nev Nov 14, 2008 11:24 AM Flag


    Here are two trades I have been offered from the same team:

    I get:


    Only issue is my only other goalie is Backstrom - I would weaken significantly in nets - but is getting Hossa & Pronger worth it? It would strengthen my D & W significantly (I already have Heatley and Phaneuf among others).

    Second deal:

    I get:


    I think I am giving up too much in this one, but I get the "better" goalie in return for Fleury, which would balance my goalies out.

    Any opinions? Fair deals? Should I pounce?

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    • I would go for the first deal. Huge gain in F/W and Backstrom plays for Minnesota and that makes him a #1 fantasy goalie, so your G is still not bad.

    • First trade - DO IT man!

      Second trade - Stay away, don't even go close!

      Hossa will far outdo Sharp this season...
      Pronger will KILL Corvo...
      Vokoun ain't that bad and he'll get his starting role back soon enough. He'll get you SV% and Saves if your league has it.

      You got Backstrom, he's doing well this year plus he's on a D-first team, so you'll be alright.
      Like you said, you can keep your eye on LeClaire and pick him up too.

      The Second one you get a downgrade in G and a downgrade at W...
      Why would you even consider that one?

      Turco may be the better goalie, but he sure isn't showing it.
      Fleury always has a chance to win givin his offense

    • Deal 1 is a clear upgrade at 2 pots for you and a clear downgrade at goal. If you can grab a decent goalie off FA or a minor deal to get someone who will get 30 wins then you should be fine with that deal.

      Deal 2 should be a no go.

    • the second trade i would not make...turco is stinkin up the joint right now and there are no signs of a turnaround in big d anytime soon. I guess you could go for the first trade...but i would then turn around and get rid of vokoun

    • What if I could then drop Vokoun and get someone like Leclaire through another deal? Then I'd have Leclaire & Backstrom instead of Vokoun & Backstrom - would the first deal be worth it then?

    • I think neither deal is good for you, I wouldn't do either of them personally. Please check out and respond to my 2 posts on this board please. Just a little lower down the page. Thanks.


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