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  • Nights Nights Nov 12, 2008 5:10 PM Flag

    Ovie on trading block!!!

    Yes... Alexander Ovechkin is on the trading block.

    He wants a LW or D.

    So I wanna know how I can get him without many losses


    Green (I'd prefer not to part with him)

    I am considering dropping Cole to take a D-Men from Free Agency


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    • Striet is gonna fail in NY.. .the ISLANDERS! Their best guy last year had 49 pts and barely 20-30 gls was it? (comrie)

      As for the Johnson... it could've been the other one in La, Jack. I've heard he's pretty good.

      I've checked and rosival is 30

      Weber is a good d-Man that could RIVAL for top 5


      these 4 are the only real locks
      Chara ahs to be better
      gonchar is injured
      Weber only had to build on last season
      can Markov keep it up?
      Can campbell repeat last season?

      Ok... maybe not top 5, but top 10 for sure.

      As for the this year trade... his best D-Man is Corvo...(I mentioned turnovers because this keeps him from being a top-5 defenseman in the NHL... people would be happy if he wasn't having them).

      Anyways... after Corvo he has marginal guys, so he needs an upgrade there. Just satisfying it. I was wondering what was my best chance... and he might bite at that one (Campbell+Gagne)

      Campbell is, btw, a top 5 D-man contender FYI

    • The guys i mentioned were all guys under 30 execpt Markov that i said Weber would be competing for for top 10 d-men in a couple years...not this season!.....

      I was talking about Erik Johnson...the 1st overall pick in 2006.....just figured you would put that one together....

      Striet? you say...check him out, his name is Mark and i believe he was 3 amongst D last year...lol.........Corvo turns pucks over..... i thought we were simply talking points (and seeing how you don't get a minus every turn over i don't see why you felt the need to even bother saying that)

      Weber will be up there somewhere i'm sure.... but we were talking about a trade for this year and for anybody to think that Weber is a top 5 dman this year is off their rocker !!! Weber is good but not this year or next year will he and Parise/Gagne get you Ovechkin.....PERIOD! that's what this post was about....after thinking about it AK even realized he wound'nt do that trade ( whether or not he was weak at D/LwW....as far as i'm concerned)

    • No offense to you guys... but back to the original topic please?

    • Hedman is going to be one heck of a d-man...I know it's early, but I would keep an eye on defenseman Ryan Ellis. In my opinion a top 6-7 pick on skill alone.

    • Markov,Campbell,Whitney,Streit,Green,Burns,Corvo,Bouwmeester,R ozsival,Johnson

      That was your list... now let me put in in order with Weber in there for this year in in () for the next say 5 years(from me and from what I know. I don't know which Johnson so)

      Markov(I say this burst won't last long, 4)
      Whitney(injured right now, but I see him at 2)
      Campbell(Around 5)

      Burns and bowmeester follow.
      Only from your list. Phaneuf would probably in front of all these, or at least close to Green.
      Which Johnson? Striet? Top 5 in the league? you MAD!

      Corvo turns the puck over too much

      And rosival will be good, but not top 5... and I don't think he's young (30)

      See? Not much competition there for top-5 in D-men from what I've seen... Hedman could join that group and others we haven't heard much about could too.

    • Well I never said Weber got 57 points...don't know if you were talking about me or not. I said 2 years ago, he achieved 17 goals and 40 points.

      I don't see why Weber can't be a top 5 d-man this year...as I said, he is very similar to Phaneuf. Mike Green, for example, went from insignificant 20 point guy, to being considered a top 5 d-man. And that was with no indication of breaking out. Weber's 17 goal season proved he has potential, and this year he is showing he is the real deal.

      I wouldn't trade Ovechkin either, but if the other guy is looking for a stud D and PPG winger, Parise and Weber surely fit the bill.

    • So does that not mean that's not a good trade for an Ovechkin owner?? I mean you just clairified for AK that hes no where near a top 5 d-man this year. And for the record of him being there even in the next few years...sure theres some old timers that won't be around, but theres still Markov,Campbell,Whitney,Streit,Green,Burns,Corvo,Bouwmeester,Rozsival,Johnson....just to name 10 quick ones that he will compete with for top 5 spot. Again hes a good d-man for sure....simply saying again.... i would never trade Ovie for Weber and Parise! especially if after you trade those 2 away you will make up more points for another FA

    • yea...

    • Gagne and Weber sounds like a good fit if he is the one offering up Ovie

    • Move Campbell and Parise for Ovechkin. Ovechkin is now getting warmed up look out. DON'T move Green or Weber. Weber will be on team Canada for sure this guy is a monster. Hope this helped....

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      • I will not trade Green unless I REALLY have to.
        Offered Campbell with Gagne... might get Parise instead there.
        I know Weber's real good. Weber's a poor man's Dion Phaneuf, kinda like how Parise is a poor man's Rick Nash.

        Their styles and production are alike and they are great player that you can nab in late rounds.

        No advice on Vlasic or any other FA D-Men? (Add doughty to the list if he's worthy of it)

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