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  • Pat Pat Nov 11, 2008 1:03 AM Flag

    Hypothetical Trade...

    So, if I have Sakic and Brunnstrom to trade, who do you think I could get for them? I'm REALLY hesitant to give up Sakic, but Brunnstrum is not so bad....

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    • i know wat u mean dont' worry... i just wanted to touch on the "exciting" part

      Gagne & Briere are the most offensively gifted Flyers

      Richards is probably the most exciting because he throws awesome hits and slapshots and fights

      but of course Gagne is still my favorite hockey player

    • by the way PUCKHOG........ just to let u know........ if u make a private league and state the ID # and password....... u can simply KICK OUT anybody that tries to join the league =)



    • huh?????????

      i'll keep on clapping...... its only gonna last until Gagne grabs the Stanley Cup this year after winning the Art Ross with 110 points =)

      hahahaha..... "googal" how do u know about that?? haha.. ur good lol

      wait a minute..... Yahoo made u write down "Gag me" by accident???
      wowwwwwwwwwwwwww wat kind of awesome-ness is that??!!

      and sorry by the way, i didnt' mean to interrupt ur little game with PUCKHOG....i just wanted to randomly throw in Gagne's name

      and don't worry, i'm only 20-years old..... i'm still not officially one of "the guys" =)

      and wats wrong with "Mirk"?? why do u like "Lurk"?? because i teased u for being in love with Tanguay??

      sorry once again....... hope u know i'm just kidding around

    • I forgot to mention something that may or may not be needed. I think you're already playing 4 teams, right? Since that's the max. allowed per account, you would need a new email account to join. I took one out in order to create the league. You would just have to do the same.

    • Hi! Been waiting for you. Hope you had a great d ay, and managed to get some rest.

      Seriously - a puppy? I was right? That's too f unny! I guess you're not the only one with superp owers afterall (assuming that's what you meant by hidden cameras). I kinda figured you had a cat (f rom your picture), so I just guessed you probably love animals (as do I), so maybe you have a puppy. But honestly, it was more a lucky joke than a re al hunch.

      As for these annoying spaces, check out what I w rote on "Whats with the Spaces?".

      About our deal ... I tell 'ya what - unless I'm wrong, I think we're both on the same page about a couple of things. So instead of telling you here , my proposal is .............................

      move in with me. I mean I know this may sound l ike I'm "kinda rushin' things just a bit" but what I mean is - join a "league" that I created tonigh t just for the 2 of us. It'll help protect some o f that privacy you're concerned about (& me too). It's just a normal Roto league, and aside from th e game itself, it would give us the freedom to kee p communicating, but with complete privacy. I've written a commish note that'll explain more, but o f course to read it you've got to join. If you're interested, it'll be a way for us to take things away from this board and not have to deal with som e of the issues that come with being so public.

      If this interests you - then join! If it concer ns you or causes you to be cautious, I totally res pect that and am perfectly willing to keep things as they are. I like you and I don't want to offen d you in any way, or ask you to take risks that yo u would consider to be unwise. I'd rather still h ave our conversations than to lose that.

      The league # & password have to be coded here so that only you'll get them. Here goes ...

      The league ID # is 6 digits. Think of them as 3 players' numbers consecutively. The first 2-digi ts are 9 LESS than the # of my favorite player (wh ose jersey you own, that I want to wear). The nex t 2 digits are the exact number of D-man S.H. The final 2 digits are 3 LESS than the # of LW - R.S. (who I also love).

      The password consists of 4 letters followed by 4 numbers. The letters form the word referring to what you said you're looking forward to. This aft ernoon, you ended your message by saying that you' re looking forward to our "...." The 4 numbers th at follow are the birth year of my favorite player (jersey man). Put all of this together and you'l l be in.

      So whadya say? "Move in with me"? :-)

    • Thank you, thank you. I'll let you clap for me while I take a giant bow!! :)

      That was freakin' awesome...I bet if I typed that a gazillion...or is it googal...more times, that "space" would not come out that way!!! LMAO...I really guess I should be thanking Yahoo for that!

      I dont mind your inturruptions, I know my 'place' when it comes between men and their sports talk, so that's why I dont get in the middle of his conversations w/ "the guys". Since you addressed me, I felt it would be impolite to not respond this time, however. :)

      --btw--as far as my "boyfriend" goes, you should call yourself "Lurk" and not "Mirk"!

    • why is there always a stupid "space" between some of the words i type??? i dont' get these stupid posts lol......

    • I feel compelled to reply to this message simply because of how many people have responded.


      avsgirl.. ur too funny hahaha

      i would never want Gagne to gag me... trust me i'm NOT gay haha... he's just my favorite player

      ur funny haha.....

      sorry i just wanted to interrupt ur little game with PUCKHOG...... i'm still mad at him because he traded away Danny Briere for reasons i still dont' understand lol

      on a side not ------ GAG ME!!!!!!!!!!!

      jks.. never ever haha... its pronounced "GAGNE"

      he's french.. just like ur boyfriend Alex Tanguay hehehe

    • I'm sorry, did I "hear" you correctly? I thought you just yelled "SIMON GAG ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" :)

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