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  • Puck Puck Nov 3, 2008 11:51 PM Flag

    Assess my team..need help

    I am doing very poorly and have dropped to second last how can I Improve I know my LW is not strong and Goalie are not strong any suggestions?
    Here is my team:

    Paul Stastny
    (Col - C)
    C Marc Savard
    (Bos - C)
    LW Alexander Ovechkin
    (Was - LW) DTD
    LW Ray Whitney
    (Car - LW)
    RW Devin Setoguchi
    (SJ - RW)
    RW Martin St. Louis
    (TB - RW)
    D Brian Campbell
    (Chi - D)
    D Andrei Markov
    (Mon - D)
    D Andrej Meszaros
    (TB - D)
    D Shea Weber
    (Nsh - D)
    BN Martin Havlat
    (Chi - RW)
    BN Kristian Huselius
    (Cls - LW)
    BN Brad Richards
    (Dal - C)
    IR Sergei Zubov
    (Dal - D) IR
    G Chris Osgood
    (Det - G)
    G Mike Smith
    (TB - G)
    BN Pascal Leclaire
    (Cls - G) IR

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    • whatever you do, do not get rid of St.Louis. He will be right up there like he always is. He has started slow before (check stats). Also, zubov will be back this week they say and this will enable you to get rid of andrei mezsaros. Paul Ranger is the PP guy and they are playing 4 forwards with him. I dropped Mez last week.

      Ovechkin is starting kinda slow too, but keep in mind this guys WILL go off. Just have patience.

    • yeah i would seriously retool your entire RW, but otherwise, everything looks solid...i would consider trading leclaire

    • With St.Louis and Ovechkin not producing, it's hard to earn points but they should soon be due for an explosion so you should be fine.

      Other then that though, I think you should drop meszaros and whitney. Unneeded players, both.

    • Did you want me to pick players for you to trade for him? or is the bump for others to give advice?

      i guess i would attempt to get Kipper for Smith or Leclaire(better potential but is hurt and injury risk) depends on owner.. as well as Richards and Brian Campbell. The owner will likely take it since it seems like your giving a lot for him but really you just add 1 from the FAs that could be an alright C that can be the bench player for the ones you have. They are easiest to come by so its best to trade C and then in the trade ask for Kipper and an average defensemen to sit the bench for your good starting defense. So really your a losing bench player and good defense but gaining a good defense (zubov) as well as a decent defense. Then an okay bench center... goalies are important as you know so it may seem like your losing but your really winning after its all said and done.

    • Down year? he is on the same line as he was a couple years back when he had over 100 points and what did he have last year over a point a game? maybe thats why you drafted him... should i ask myself why i drafted Ovechkin because of his slow start? noooooooooooo. Havlat is an injury case and wont make it through the season once again, i realize he produces when hes healthy but the injury risk is a problem so i would exclude Havlat from being as good as St.Louis. Your right though, you need help on LW aside from OV. Try trading one of your better defense for a good LW because you have more than enough solid defense now that Zubov will be back, your team will be much more balanced and im sure you'll rise in the standings once Osgood picks it up. Depending on priority, goaltending or LW is where you need to upgrade but i think Ovechkin can take care of business and pick up the other LWs slack. So go for a goaltender, maybe try getting Turco while hes off to a slow start for Richards and one of your defense. That way you can add an FA and ill assume this isnt a deep league, my guess is a 8 team max.... so theres probably solid C in there for there are so many of them.

    • ???????????????

    • your right wingers are a bit weak, with the exception of havlat but you defense is great, left wingers are above average, great centers, and decent goaltending. osgood should pick his game up eventually so thats a plus+++.
      overall, id give it a 6.5/10


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