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  • Lem Lem Oct 30, 2008 9:20 PM Flag

    Biron or Mike Smith?

    thank you for your help!

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    • ye some people are boring pricks and take life wayyyyy too seroiusly
      thanks for the compliments

      Go Flyers!!!!

    • Smith has the No.1 Save % in the NHL

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      • Actually, Boucher does, but these stats are based on a very few appearances - especially with Boucher - so they're not to be taken as too indicative of anything - otherwise people would be dropping Luongo and a few other goalies who haven't had great starts but are still elite, and who'll get it going soon enough (like Roberto showed signs of last night, for instance).

    • Glad to hear it. Some folks aren't always sure how things are meant so they might get offended. Then I feel bad 'cause I realize I might have taken things too far - especially with the sarcasm (my weakness).

      You're great, and have a good attitude about things. That's what makes coming on these boards so much fun. You're alright, man.

      Go Flyers.

    • haha ye thanks dude... i know all ur jabs are for fun.. dont' worry i'm not of those losers that take eveyrthing seriously lol

      ur awesome and i'm glad i made ur day better as well lol

      yes i maybe exaggerate a bit on the scoring list...... but i'll bet u $100 fantasy dollars that Gagne will be in the top 10 NHL scoring this year =)

      just watch, Gagne will have more points than Heatley and IGinla this year

      have a good night PuckHog, ur awesome and thanks for the laughs... good night eveyrone else

    • I'll give you this, Mirk ... you're as loyal as they come. Delusional, but loyal. I would love to put a little wager on your boys all cracking the top 10 ahead of guys like Heatley, Iginla, Zetterberg, Datsyuk, etc. And unless Savard is abducted by aliens and Hemsky is hypnotized into playing like Crosby for the rest of the season (or maybe Gagne, in your world), I can't see him finishing within 15 points of Savard.

      Oh well ... my jabs are all meant in fun, and I hope that's the only way you take them. I'm glad to have made your day. You've also made mine. :-)

      Take care. TTYL

    • well the flyers ARE better this year and i can definitely see them making the finals BUT the sharks will win the cup this year

    • last year, Philadelphia was the best team in the playoffs AFTER Detroit and Pittsburgh

      and now Philly has Simon Gagne back and healthy... they will wint he Cup this year

    • hahaha Puckhog u remember my little rants about Philly winning the stanley cup?? hahaha u just made my day

      no i think it will be


      i think that will be the order this year

      and YES PHiladelphia Flyers are gonna win the Cup this year!!!
      Biron is Not gonna win the Vezina... that's gonna go to either BRodeur or Lundqvist this year

      I think Gagne will hit 50 goals and 100 points... Richards will hit 90 points, Briere if he is healthy will also hit 100 points

    • you guys who say smith are crazy!!!!! the lightning are terrible and have no defense and he is a young, unproven goalie, the lightining will for sure finish in the bottom 4 in the east, plus he shares starts with kolzig, the flyers are gonna be a top 4 team and anyone who thinks otherwise clearly hasnt watched them play and just judges them based on their series vs. pitts which is supid because all their defensemen were injured vs the pens and now they have gagne back and mike richards is the man

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