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  • Marty Marty Oct 29, 2008 11:15 PM Flag


    That's why there should be max moves either for the season as a whole or per week..

    Sometimes it's effective, sometimes not. More often than not, it is just for the sheer number of man games played, and usually there are enough mediocre players on any given night to get you a few points..and usually they'll win in SOG since they have full roster every night.

    Had it happen last year - depending on the core players it may or may not work really well...
    Still sucks though

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    • Yeah, I know it is tech. within the rules, I just found it amazingly cheap. The guy is in something like 13 fantasy leagues at any given time during the year so he knows how to play the fantasy game.

      It just really drives me nuts. Other people draft and trade and watch for smart moves (much like managing a real team which is part of fantasy leagues), and he just tries to stack odds in his favor.

      I already told him I wouldnt play another fantasy league with him unless moves were cap'd somehow. I was just curious if things like that bothered other people as much as me, or if it was just me.


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