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  • Brock W Brock W Oct 29, 2008 10:53 PM Flag

    Franzen NO IR?

    .... I think a better question is why do you have Franzen on your roster to begin with?

    Must be a deep league.

    To answer your question seriously though, yes, sometimes it does take Yahoo a few days to get their doo-doo-kaki together and get things straightened around the way that they should be. You could e-mail them if you're really concerned about the issue. Sometimes it helps. Sometimes it doesn't.

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    • actually Brook, i just picked him up and hes 85% owned, he plays on detroits 2nd line with Zetty.. why not have him?

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      • He's nearly thirty years old and the most points he's scored is 38... Not the type of guy I'd want on my roster. I realize playing with Zetterberg is worth something, but just 'cause I could get out on the ice and play goalie behind the Red Wings doesn't mean I'd win the Vezina. (OK, that's taking the argument way too dramatically, but you get the point.) He's not that good of a player. There's better options. I don't remember what the guy is o-ranked (60s wasn't it?). But if you ask me, that's way too high when you could still get someone like Parise.


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