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  • some_guy some_guy Oct 29, 2008 11:04 AM Flag

    Crosby trade

    There's currently a trade proposed in my league which
    seems a bit unfair:

    TEAM A gets: Sidney Crosby, Dan Ellis

    TEAM B gets: Joe Sakic, Marc-Andre Fleury

    I hate vetoing trades, what would you do?

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    • If you are the team with Crosby i would decline the trade if you are the team without him i would accept the trade.

    • Okay, the people that said Sakic is equal to Ellis, and whatnot, are idiots. Idiots that don't know s**t about hockey.

      Do you know why Sakic only had 40 points last year? It's because he missed 38 games. Have you looked at his career stats? He's a point-per-game player. And he's only two years removed from having a 100pt season. And that was playing without Forsberg or anyone GREAT for that matter. (No, Hejduk and Brunette are not "great" players)

      Crosby is a legit 100-pt threat, yeah. But look at Fleury and Ellis.

      Fleury is close to an elite goalie. Hell, he was drafted 1st overall, for that matter. He had 19 Ws in 35 games last year, with a 2.33 GAA and a .921 SV%. And that was playing on a team with pretty bad defense (Eaton was out, Gonchar and Whitney wouldn't know offense from defense)(that was a joke, for you idiots who think Sakic equals Ellis).

      Sure, Ellis had 23 wins last year. Sure he had a 2.34 GAA. Sure he had a .924 SV%. But the guy came out of nowhere. Guys like that usually don't last long. Did you guys really think he wasn't going to struggle being no.1 this year? He's never been no.1 in his life.

      Fleury is used to being no.1. Hell, he led the Penguins in the playoffs last year, all the way to the Finals. What can you say about Ellis? Look at his numbers now. 3.28 GAA and an ugly .873 SV%? That's what, imo, his season is going to look close too: a medriocre GAA and an ugly SV%.

      I think a Crosby/Ellis for Sakic/Fleury swap is pretty close. Fleury can help you win 4 of 6 categories, while Sakic will chip in the same amount of SOGs as Crosby, close goal numbers, close PIM numbers.

      I think this trade is helping a guy improve his goalie situation, and that he was willing to let go of an elite player like Crosby to fix that problem.

      This is a trade that shouldn't be vetoed.

    • Sorry, accidentally hit post instead of preview.

      Essentially the benefit of Fleury is no where near the advantage of Crosby

    • That HAS to be vetoed... I'd take Fleury over Ellis, and well Crosby is a guarantee over Sakic

    • Wow. Mention the name Crosby and everyone's got an opinion. Overrated, underrated, whatever. He gets picked on too much and will be injured again this year. Can someone say Bobby Orr?

    • Of course this trade looks lopsided, it involves Crosby, the golden boy of hockey. Now, let's say we go back 2 years ago. Crosby 120 pts, Sakic 100 pts. Let's say that do this again, but Fleury gets 15 more wins than Ellis and has a better GAA, SV% and more SHO. Than who wins.

      I think this trade isnt that bad of a trade. Yes, Crosby is better than Sakic, but Fleury is better than Ellis. It all depends on what the teams need.

      All this hopp-la because it involves Crosby! Plain and simple.

    • I would not veto that trade! Fleury is a million times better than Ellis. Fleury is generally a 2nd round draft pick and Ellis is a lot further down the list. Sakic is going to post 80+ points as long as he stays healthy... Someone needs a solid goalie and the other needs a solid center... I don't see a problem with that.

    • vetoing is not a bad thing, especially if one team has a huge advantage, which would affect your league standing, especially in this case. If Brodeur or Nabokov were in place of Fleury then that is a fair trade.

    • i hate vetoes. don't protect people from their own stupidity. just because you didn't make the offer, don't be jealous. please read over this article:

    • if it was a lesser goalie than Ellis on the Crosby side (say Gerber, Huet, Budaj, Lehtonen, etc.) it would be reasonable. Ellis is in a situation where he is the unquestioned starter and on a team that could compete for a playoff spot. His GAA and SV% should be relatively solid as well, so Fleury isn't that much of an upgrade to Ellis. Sakic is off to a good start, but he is far below the line when it comes to compensating for Crosby in this trade.

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