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  • Wotan Wotan Oct 26, 2008 5:22 PM Flag

    Any tips on how to improve?

    I can drop you a hint that may help you to improve your team without doing a trade. Check if P.Bergeron and T.Selanne are still free agents! Because they didn't play many games last season, they've been on low positions in the automatic draft-charts and possibly went undrafted, although their talents can't be questioned... (and they're only get better during the season, I'm sure.)

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    • Alright... leats start from the beginning... you wont win any league without an extra goalie! let alone those two!!!!! Drop Gerber as soon as you can assuming there is someone there you ca pick up... hands down. Your defence is horrible, sorry not trying to mean but it really is. How many teams is it anyways? Your strongest postion is the Wings by far and your scoring will be way down in a 12 team league... of course all this assuming its 12 teams