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  • Blair Blair Oct 23, 2008 1:22 AM Flag

    Selanne - Keep the Faith?

    I have him in 3 different leagues (used to be 4, but I dropped him for Doan in one of the smaller ones - I couldn't believe it when someone tossed out Doan, btw).

    Anyway, I have him in a 12-team Roto, a 12-team H2H, and a 9-team points league. I figure he was my sleeper pick for sure since lots of people sort of forgot about him in the draft, and I figure he should have a typical Teemu sort of season.

    Should I keep the faith with Teemu? He's listed as being on the 2nd line yet his minutes are almost always as much or more than Perry's.

    Is he going to bust out ... or be a bust? (My main concerns are in the H2H and points leagues - not so much the Roto.)

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