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  • Brock W Brock W Oct 22, 2008 6:08 PM Flag

    Did I Get Raped?

    Finally got a trade to go through.

    I get - Heatley and Erat
    I give - Morrow, Hemsky, Seabrook and Gerber

    I figure that frees up a couple of roster spots.
    RW options - Erat, Ryder, Blake Wheeler

    Additional information follows:

    12 team keeper league....

    Centers - Malkin, Jokinen, Cogliano
    Left Wing - Morrow, Michalek, Cammalleri, Hartnell, Brunnstrom
    Right Wing - Hossa, Perry, Hemsky
    Defense - Phaneuf, Green, Seabrook, Hainsey,
    IR - McCabe, Whitney
    Goalies - Miller, Bryzgalov, Garon, Gerber

    So, I realize I've already got five friggin' left wingers. It'd be nice if Yahoo'd get off their keesters (did I spell that correctly?) and give Michalek and Hartnell their LW/RW eligibility. But, Daniel Carcillo is available on the free agent list. Should I drop Martin Gerber, who I consider to be a total @#$%-stain and get Carcillo?

    I think I've done pretty damn good with this team, especially considering it's a keeper league and the only two guys on my team over 30 years of age are McCabe and Gerber. I just wish I could get somebody in this friggin' league to trade with me. I've been trying to two weeks now to work a deal for Lundqvist, Luongo or Nabokov and I can't get anything done. So, after that I started trying to go for defensemen: Boyle and Visnovsky and I can't get either of them. So, now what do I try and do?

    And what do I do when Whitney and McCabe come off the IR? Obviously I'm gonna' drop Hainsey, but who do I drop after that?

    Some of the trades that I've proposed and had rejected....

    Morrow, Seabrook and Gerber for Nabokov

    Morrow and Hainsey for Chara

    Hemsky, Michalek, McCabe and Gerber for Kane, Suter and Bernier

    Michalek, Seabrook, and Gerber for Campbell

    Miller for Brodeur

    Michalek, Seabrook and Gerber for Aucoin and Giguere

    Michalek, Hemsky, Seabrook and Gerber for A. Kostitsyn, J. Williams and Lundqvist

    Michalek, Seabrook, Garon and Gerber for Filatov and Lundqvist

    One reply that I got - When your D gets healthy I would just drop a LW to make room... what the market value of Brunnstrom and Hartnell will be when that happens is still up in the air. If you're looking to just move D though, Seabrook is easily replaceable. I honestly think he's overrated. There are plenty of moves to be made here, you just have to be gutsy enough to pull it off.

    My thoughts on the reply – I don’t really want to trade Brunnstrom, not yet anyway. I envision this guy as the next Zetterberg (or at least I’m hoping). As for Hartnell, I’m not sure that I want to trade him either, because he should eventually become RW eligible, then I can play both him and Michalek in both spots, which would make my roster nice and tidy with three left wings, three right wings and two swing guys, plus my three centers. I’d like to trim it down to three goalies and then five defensemen. We get a total of 19 roster spots.

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