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  • Ryan B Ryan B Oct 22, 2008 11:18 AM Flag

    Vanek + Pominville for Ovechkin + Cheechoo

    Good trade? Will he accept?

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    • IF it was Vanke and Pom for Ovie then maybe.. OVie is a 2 fir 1 and you have to trade two top 25 players to get OVie... the trade won't go but if Cheechoo was the Cheechoo of a couple of years ago then the Ovie side wins

    • Lol - I like Pomm, he helped me win my pool last year. But even with Hecht at center, he's not as valuable.. Although Hecht was his center last year too, so who knows. Being on the PP with Roy & Vanek helps out of course. Don't know why Ruff doesn't do that anyways 5 on 5.

      Cheech can still put the puck in the net.. And with Joe as his center, he'll get lots of opportunities in good scoring areas.
      I wouldn't count him out just yet... Although I still wouldn't want him taking up a roster spot on my team lol

      But I'm sure he would still fetch a decent player in return in another trade, like I said, to a manager that thinks he will do great things this year!

    • Well, you've got a point there, and you presented it in a way that wasn't condescending which makes you appear more intelligent. I applaud you and kick myself in my own posterior for not thinking further ahead and realizing that I could easily enough trade Cheechoo once again. With that in mind, I'd go for the Ovechkin/Cheechoo side. But only if I could blow snot-rockets on Cheechoo and fart on his mother (I'm cranky for having been proven inferior and I'm trying to be a big boy and admit it in a non-big-boy way).

    • Nice beak sesh goin on.
      I'd have to go with the OV side.. Pomm & Vanek I would say about 150 points combined.. They're not on the same line so they're not a "package"
      For some stupid reason Ruff in Buffalo has Pomm with McArthur and Paille, with Stafford on the #1 line with Roy and Vanek..
      Pomm's only with those guys on the PP.

      As for OV - I would say 120 points easy this season again.
      Cheechoo.. who knows. Good start, can he keep it up? I think he might.. Ron Wilson's gone so SJ is able to open up the offense. That said, I wouldn't put him in the 70 point range...maybe 60 points this year and then next year he can build on that.

      For Brock.. If you don't like Cheech and only see him getting 30-40 points; I'm sure he could be traded for someone else to a manager that DOES Like him, or you could pick up an FA!!
      It's OV we're talking about here!

    • I'm probably the only one who will say this, but I'd rather be on the Vanek + Pominville side of that deal. I'm just not sold on Cheechoo. I guess I like my guys to be reliable and Cheechoo is not that. I think you'd be overpaying for Ovechkin. Risk isn't worth the reward.

    • Don't see anyone taking that trade.
      Ovie has to start finding the net soon.


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