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  • Brock W Brock W Oct 21, 2008 6:15 PM Flag

    Rate this trade...

    I think you did alright, probably not the move I would have made, but it's not going to kill you. I'm not too high on Byfuglien. I think he's pretty overrated. I'm not sure why you thought you needed Niedermayer though when you already had Visnovsky and Pronger. Seems kind of pointless to me, especially to trade Pominville. Granted, you've got some depth at wing, but.... I'd have tried to go with Hejduk or Boyes in the trade. As for your left wing situation, I've got some info from Yahoo that might interest you regarding Keith Tkachuck......

    ((((( I appreciate your inquiry with regards to player position eligibility.

    Players may be eligible at multiple positions during the current Yahoo!
    Sports Fantasy Hockey season. Initial position eligibility was
    determined based on past participation and information supplied by the
    teams during the off-season.

    * All position eligibility requests are reviewed, compiled and
    forwarded to our data provider. A final determination on position
    eligibility is made by our data provider.

    * Please understand that since Yahoo! is not responsible for
    modifying position eligibility, we cannot speculate on future changes or
    comment on the decisions made regarding individual player(s).

    * There are no set criteria (minimum number of games, minutes, etc.
    at a new position) for position eligibility. A new position will be
    added when our data provider determines that a player's primary position
    has changed.

    * Players will never lose position eligibility.

    We appreciate your feedback. While we'd much rather address each request
    personally, it's simply not practical given the nature of the review
    process. Whenever you have further comments or questions, please feel
    free to email me again.

    Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Sports.



    Essentially, that means I don't know when he'll be LW eligible, if ever. So uh.... Yeah, bad move, but I applaud you for having the balls to make it.


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