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  • seaner seaner Oct 18, 2008 8:55 PM Flag

    HELP...My Team's Struggling !?!?

    So here is my team that's struggling in a 12 team league. What changes should I make or should I pick up any of these free agents?

    MY TEAM:
    C- J Thornton (SJ)
    C- Savard (Bos)
    LW- Parise (NJ)
    LW- Whitney (Car)
    RW- Hossa (Det)
    RW- Sykora (Pit)
    D- Markov (Mon)
    D- Jovanovski (Pho)
    D- Rozsival (NYR)
    BN- Sakic (Col)
    BN- Mueller (Pho)
    BN- Prospal (TB)

    G- Osgood (Det)
    G- LeClaire (Cls)
    BN- Legace (StL)
    BN- Gerber (Ott)

    Free Agents:
    C- Lang, BrindAmour, Fisher, Horcoff, Stamkos, Hecht, J Staal, McDonald

    RW- Setoguchi, Svatos, Afinogenov, Vrbata, B Gionta, Bouchard, E Cole

    LW- Higgins, Stillman, Brunette, S Kozlov, Kunitz, Brunnstrom

    D- Robidas, Suter, Schubert, Martin, Ehroff, Coburn, Kronwall, Boucher, Letang

    G- Harding, Fernandez, Budaj, Norrena, Mason

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    • Dude, let it drop. I don't give a crap about you, don't give a crap about me. Let it go and stop trying to show your balls, ugh.

    • I gave him examples and they seem to make sense. So unless you disagree i dont see what else there is to argue about. Since i made my point of why he should not take your advice...

      good luck to you and your team but with advice like that majority of the leagues you say you have won were probably all inactive owners. And top 4 is nothing when most owners drop their teams.... im pretty sure im in a league that has 20 teams with 25 players on each. It takes a little more than knowing that the top 100 players and thats it...

    • fine, but if this novice is having trouble, give him some advice that would benefit his team for this season and not just pick players that have been on streaks or have potential in their careers. I would pick Letang in the coming years, but not this one. Brunnstrom as well, but this year is what he needs help with and im criticizing so he understands the difference of players who are already proven and will help him throughout the year and players that he could monitor this year and think about next year. And thats fine, i understand you can win in other leagues but means nothing when you give advice to others that i think you should know yourself wouldnt work unless someone has a breakout year before expected. And mine isnt complex and unlikely, earlier i stated what was needed and how to make it work... So if you think its unlikely to get Semin or Vanek for Savard than you need to understand hockey a little more, Savard is likely a 90 point player and even a player who has been on a streak which you seem to like. So a player with 90 point potential for players who have the same potential as wingers, i think it betters his team. Real owners would know that its a reasonable trade if they knew Savard and what he can do, and Semin is an injury risk and Vanek came off a rough year until he picked it up at the end. So really i dont understand how complex it is...

    • I would trade Savard while hes hot. You'll get more in return... id say you should upgrade your LW situation, maybe try to get a hold of Semin by trading Savard and Whitney for Vanek or Semin and a decent forward or defense. That way you'll have Mueller and Sakic to play center with Thornton and i realize it will weaken your centermen but it will make your team more balanced incase you want to trade later it wont be as difficult to decide what to do.

    • Should I keep Mueller around? Will he get RW eligibility because if he stays just as C then I might drop him because 4 C's is a it much....

    • You don't need 4 goalies... 3 will do just fine

    • I would definitely look at Staal, he has been playing on the malkin line and should be pretty effective all season long. The kid is going to be good.

    • Aight, here is what I would do. Drop Gerber for Brunnstrom. You do not want Vrbata right now. Drop Jovo for Letang, Martin, or Erhoff. Jovo is cold this year. I hold no faith in him whatsoever. Lastly, Prospal for Brunette. That should get you going. Prospal has been ice and seems to be in his "off" year. I read somewhere he is on one year, off the next. He was on next year. You can survive with those 3 goalies. Add some firepower! Good luck!

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      • Dont drop Gerber, he hasnt been that bad since his first game of the season... and has off and on games but Ottawa is a high scoring team that could pick him up sometimes. Brunnstrom is hot but its only 4 games in so dont get too trigger happy about him, leave him alone for now. Dont drop Jovo EVER he gets PIMs, gets allllll Phoenix' PP time since they have no one else back there so likely will get PPP. Letang is doing nothing and even with his icetime and PP time he has yet to produce so dont take that advice either. Prospal plays with Lecavalier and St.Louis who havent got going yet but these things take time... OV has had a slow start but do you really think that will continue? NO! so dont get rid of Prospal who has been consistent in his career and had prior chemistry with St.Louis and Lecavalier. So pretty much dont take any of that advice.

    • id drop Sakic, and Whitney

    • Any Thoughts??


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