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  • patrick patrick Oct 18, 2008 6:30 PM Flag

    Havlat or Hossa?

    Who would help your team out more?

    Me and Brock W have been having an argument, and he firmly believes that Hejduk and his 60points per season (about 0.788 points per game) is more valuable than Havlat and his 0.917 points per game. That's almost a point per game for Havlat.

    Granted, Havlat will most likely get injured during the course of a season, but I would think that Havlat has more valuable. When he's healthy, he'll get you points.

    Hejduk has been playing with an elite center in Colorado with Sakic, then Stastny, and he still manages to average about 60 games per year.
    Havlat hasn't had a great center to play with since he was in Ottawa, and look at his point per game pace.

    Havlat's production, even if he plays for 1/4 of the season, would be much more than Hejduk's in that same time span.

    He IS high risk, but he is also a high reward player. If you can get a boost in your scoring in the short run, why not take that production and just deal with any problems later?

    Putting into account what Havlat will give you when healthy, plus potentially picking someone else up when he does get injured, I would say that Havlat+injury replacement is worth more than Hejduk through the course of the year.

    Agree, or disagree?

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