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  • Brock W Brock W Oct 16, 2008 6:27 PM Flag

    Help on the Wings

    Dork, he's already got Selanne and Boyes. And no, he shouldn't pick up Havlat. Havlat couldn't stay healthy if the put him in a plastic buble and then put the buble in between Phaneuf and Chara, and then stuck Carcillo in front of it.

    Hog, if you wanna' do anything, which I probably wouldn't suggest, drop Satan and get Hejduk. (I have no idea why Hejduk would be available to begin with). Satan is a little riskier than Hejduk, and I doubt the risk will be worth the return.

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    • Oh. Hah, looks like I read that wrong. I thought he said they were the other wingers available. My bad.

      Honestly, Havlat should be picked up. Who cares if he gets hurt? Pick him up now while he's producing. Then you can discard him later for another player. Or trade him when he gets hot.

      When you play fantasy, you shouldn't let bias cloud your judgement. If Hejduk, Satan, and Havlat play the same amount of games, I bet Havlat would get a higher point total than the other two. Look at his career stats.

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      • Bias? That's not bias. That's intelligence. Havlat isn't going to play the same amount of games as Satan or Hejduk. You made the argument yourself. ***IF*** Havlat plays the same amount of games, he'd have the same amount of points. Well, if he's not going to have more points and play the same amount of games, why do you take the risk of picking up a guy that's more likely to get injured than stay healthy?


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