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  • T.O. T.O. Oct 15, 2008 1:52 PM Flag

    Would you accept ?

    The trade offered is..

    Spezza, Getzlaf & Parise


    Thornton, Marleau & Cheechoo

    I have SJ's #1 line and if one scores, they all get points.. but spezza and getzlaf are two top 10 players .. im in a bind

    what would you do?

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    • I agree with keeping Thornton, and maybe one of the other guys.

      It's always sweet to have a line, b ut the problem is, you live an die by the line. If they slump, you don't get any points, if they get scored on, you get -3.

      It's tough, but it's hard to say no to Spezza and Getzlaf..and Parise is a hot youngster too.
      But for now, Cheechoo an dMarleau are clicking so it' stough to give them up.
      I would say keep one or two of th eguys, but try to t rade the third one maybe?

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      • I don't think I can get much without Thornton in the deal. Marleau and Cheechoo are off and on players and no one's going to want to take the risk with them unless you're a die hard SJ fan, which this guy is.

        Cheechoo had one spectacular season and thats it.

        Marleau may improve since he's moved to LW but who knows?

        I like the one line factor - all get in on the action if they score. But you're right, get one scored on and -3 .. but i'd only get killed in +/- whereas I'd gain in pts, ppp, +/- if they score

    • Not sure how you got all three of those guys. I would make a counter offer for the two guys you want and keep Thornton. On a positive note, everytime they score you get a +3, a goal and more than likely an assist. Not to mention if it is on a PP. So you are in good shape either way.

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      • Thankfully, Marleau and Cheechoo had bad seasons last year so they were ranked pretty low and I got lucky.

        If I'm asking for Spezza or Getzlaf, or both, I'd definitely have to give back something equal in return. My top two players are Thornton (setup man) & Kovalchuk (goal scorer). Then this trade is not good for me.

        I like the trade thats currently offered. I'm not sure about Marleau. He may have a breakout season, as experts are predicting him to have one. Problem is, he hasn't had a breakout season thus far. And Cheechoo's off and on. But as we both pointed out, if one scores, i'll most likely get a point in each category.


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