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  • I'm a rookie at this game, and is playing in a head-to-head league. After the draft I got stuck with two goalies Thomas (BOS) and Conklin (DET) and I see that almost all my opponents have 3 or 4 goalies on their roster. How desperate do I need to be in finding one more goalie? I'm concerned that I won't reach the 3 games/week limit.

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    • You won't unless Thomas stays at #1 in Beantown (not likely) with Fernandez all repaired. Conklin except for a month with Oiler never has been and never will be a #.

      Yes, you should be desperate to grab another #1 G through trading But be prepared to give in order to get. Open dialogue with a couple or few teams , let each know you are talking to more than one team and ask each if they would be interested in taking advantage of a dumb ROOKIE,,,,lol

      I'm sure you will get a some yes's and then you can go from there. Chances are there is a team or two with 4 G's on their roster you ROOKIE.

      Try to give up a top D if you have one, if that doesn't work it wil have to be a forward.

      Good luck ROOKIE,,, lol

    • Thanks, the follow up question has to be which one of these FAs is the best pick for me, LaBarbera (LA), Khabibulin (Chi) or Halak (Mon)?

    • You should be looking to make a trade to pickup another starter, its a good idea to have at least 2 starters...


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