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    Zach Parise OR Rick Nash

    Daniel Briere OR Derek Roy

    Brad Boyes OR Nickolai Zherdev

    Jose Theodore OR Dan Ellis

    Phil Kessel OR Dustin Byfuglien

    Johan Franzen OR Alexander Frolov


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    • Parise
      Theodore (because of team)
      Byfuglien is defencemen (no comparison)

    • Of course it is speculation. You too are speculating. I am using reliable sources, which is the difference. Why is it more logical to for a player on fire to slow down as a season progresses? A lot of players don't. In fact, it can be argued players can pick up momentum as the season goes on, as they round into mid-season form (don't pick at that line, it's the cliche).

      Obviously this is about who is the better player for fantasy hockey...don't see why the original poster would ask otherwise.

      Sources said Boyes would be around the 60 point range. How many did he get? Oh right...a little higher on the goal side, but assists were lower. Point projection was close. Thank you for solidifying my argument.

      Put Nash with a playmaker, then we'll see how many goals he scores. He's no Kovalchuk, but is a talented goal scorer none the less. By the way, Boyes had better players playing with him. Brutal teams can have good players too.

    • Nash, Roy, Boyes, Theodore, Byfuglien, Frolov

    • Nash

    • whoa.. wait.. seriously? you think briere's ceiling is higher than roys? are you on crack? for starters lets take a look at the age difference. roy is 6 years YOUNGER than briere is. next, briere aside from the 06-07 season has been roughly a 50-70 point guy, if that, where as roy has increased his point totals every year hes been in the league. so could you please explain to me how briere has a "higher ceiling"?

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      • I guess I'll go more in depth. Apparntley you want to lose another arguemnt, like the original thread you created and were silenced in.

        Briere has a higher ceiling because simply put, he is the better player. He only got 50-70 points the past few years because he was injured...are you saying he wouldn't have hit 90+ points the one year he only played 48 games but tallied 58 points?

        Roy is a solid 2 way player; Briere is pure offence and is counted on to produce a lot of points. Roy will not hit 90 points; he is no Zetterberg or Datsyuk that can play the 2 way game.

        Briere is on a deadly PP; the Sabres lack a top PP quarterback.

        And if this isn't enough, consult The Hockey News.

        Derek Roy: "His production has increased each year in the NHL and is very close to reaching a peak."

        Daniel Briere: "Briere was on pace for 94 points after the 1st half of the season. The he slumped and got booed, but returned to form in the playoffs. He's closer to a 90 point player than 75.

        Oh yeah, and Briere may get RW status as he is playing with Richards and Gagne making him more versatile.

        Stop talking and saying "I'm on crack" when you make stupid statements with no proof or theory to back them up.

      • Lol, you're just angry I raped you in our other argument.

        Learn some hockey bro.

    • parise - he's more reliable. nash only good in spurts.
      roy - briere has been ice cold since going to philly.
      boyes - uhhh...no real reason i guess..
      theodore - too much uncertainty in nashvilles goaltending
      byflugien - chicago as a whole is on the rise
      franzen - detroit. need i say more?

    • Thanks! Any other thoughts????

    • Nash= Goals
      Roy= +/-
      Boyes= Goals
      Ellis= Skill overall
      Byfuglien= Defense & Offense abilities
      Frolov= more ice time

    • Mind you, some of these comparisons, they are really similar and may come down to a preference. For example, if you couldn't tell by the name, I love the Devils, so I like Parise over Nash. Not saying Nash isn't good at all!! I think Parise might give a better +/- possiblity. For the rest, Briere, Boyes, Theodore, Kessel, and Frolov. But Franzen will have a better +/- also. Just my opinions.

    • Nash, same pts, but better PIM
      Roy will put up more pts than baby face this year
      Boyes is a heavy G scorer, I'de take him despite poor +/-
      Jose...W and GAA
      Byfuglien for LW/D capability, and being on a better team (this year)
      Frolov "might" put more pts up, but will finish -30, so Franzen.

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