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  • Rickler Rickler Sep 28, 2008 1:38 PM Flag

    Who are the best Sleepers?

    I have a draft today and I'm aware of some players.... (Bergeron, Kovalev, Marleau etc... But does anyone have any others that can be nabbed up in later rounds?

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    • Cole - he'll be gettin points every night playin on the oilers.
      Satan - playin winger for crosby so he'll be having a better season
      Both the kostitsyn's
      Stillman - always produces
      Patrick Sharp - the man at SHG's

    • Sergei Kostitsyn (LW) Montreal; Milan Lucic (LW) Boston; Ruslan Fedotenko (LW) Pittsburgh; Frederick Modin (LW) Columbus.

    • Some decent sleepers and/or "scary picks" that will be available would be:

      Simon Gagne from Philly - Concussion maniac, but if he stays healthy, hes an awesome player and he'll be on Richards and Briere's line.

      Alexander Semin - reoccurring ankle injury I think.

      Martin Havlat - Just about every injury you can think of, lol.

      Peter Forsberg - Not signed to any team yet. Worst Toe is sports history :)

      Tim Conolly - Buffalo's second line center when he's healthy.

      Just to name a couple.

    • Havlat

    • I had my draft yesterday - so, i can tell you a few guys that went later then expected...

      This league is an 18 team league - so keep that in mind when lookin at round numbers

      5th - Sakic - still capable of 80+ pts and tonnes of pp time. He went 90th overall...i think he was a steal.

      6th - Selanne - He's not signed yet which will scare off a lot of people - but hes been at ducks camp, they have the cap space now, so, he should be in by game time. Dont let the age fool you, hes still a 80-90pt guy. Particularily playin with getzlaf.

      11th - horcoff - Was just under a pt. per game last year - but was injured. The injury will cause many people to overlook him. While there are a number of quality centres out there - horcoff past the 8th round is a huge steal.

      15th - Samsonov - Big upside on samsonov - he showed he can play in carolina. He's incredibly streaky - but if you can get him past the 10th round - he could have a huge season for you.

      23rd - Berard (if you like takin risks) Probably dont need to say much here. If you are lookin for a last pick in the draft - this is who i would recommend. No one wants him, but as soon as the season starts (assuming hes signed) everyone will be jumpin to get him away from you.


      And there are a number of new players expected to play big roles. All these guys are unproven, but are penciled in on the top 2 lines of their respective teams.

      Brian Boyle (LA)
      Patric Hornqvist (NSH)
      Fabian Brunsstrom (DAL)
      Mickeal Boedker (PHX)

    • Kovalev is not a sleeper dude! Expect him to go early. Bergeron maybe, although he's probably on a lot of people's radar. Same with Marleau. How deep is your league? Watch for some of the rookies (Stamkos, Turris, Oksopo) as well as veterans like Brunette and Bertuzzi.

    • anyone?


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