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  • was just offered:
    nik antropov
    patrick sharp


    Jonathan toews

    what side wins?

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    • In any trade where you are getting more players then you are giving up, you have to consider the marginal player on your team that would be forced to the bench if you made the trade. if that player is as good as either one of the players you are getting, then the trade becomes a one for one with your player vs. the other teams best player offered. then ask yourself would you trade those two one for one.

      In deeper leagues, it may be worth adding two players of lesser quality for one superior player, especially if one of them is a roster position that you are not deep in. but in most cases, it is not worth trading away the best player in the the deal to get two quarters for a dollar.

      also, try comparing the players int he deal to what is available on the waiver wire. i would expect antropov would be almost replacable in most leagues, again unless it is really deep.

      as fo this trade, no way i would give up toews for sharp and antropov. toews is too good and you likely have another player on your team that could match the output of antropov.

    • its really hard to tell toews value is gonna go way up this year, but sharp is gonna do better in my opinion too. antropov is just too streaky you never know when hes gonna do good or bad and that could hurt you in fantasy. id prb stick with toews and try to counter for sharp if thats the main reason your interested in the trade.

    • if its a keeper league dont do it for sure. if not id have to know the rest of your roster to see if its worth it

    • Toews is a monster, i wouldnt do it my opinion, but im sure other would do it.


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