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  • jwaters jwaters Sep 18, 2008 12:12 AM Flag

    will this trade be vetoed???

    Marc Savard and steven stamkos


    evgeni Malkin

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    • If it were me, and I thought the other guy really wanted Stamkos...

      Why not offer Savard, Stamkos and Osgood for Malkin and Lundqvist?

      If the guy sent you the offer, you can be sure that he is either in need of assists (Savard) or looking far into the future (Stamkos). If I were in his shoes, it'd have to be the assists and a needs-based-trade. I wouldn't trade an absolute sure bet in Malkin for Savard and Stamkos unless I needed the assists. So, point of saying that is you can know that the other guy is looking for one of two things. He's already sent you the offer of Malkin for Stamkos and Savard, so you know he agrees to that. Why not just take it a little farther? Worst case, he says no. Then you could ask if he'd take Leclaire instead of Osgood. Honestly, I'm not sure I'd trade Leclaire for Lundqvist though (I know a lot of folks would disagree with me on that one). But anyway, if he doesn't like that second option, you can still go back to the original deal and make a final decision.

    • Worst case scenario he says FU to Stamkos for Lundqvist (a good get).

      In your counter proposal ( I assume he offered first), illustrate how every player drafted number one since 2000 has been an impact player in the league (it's a bit of a stretch with Johnson on the Blues but not that far off), appeal to his greed, remind him of the points averages of the Crosby's and Kovalchuck's and Nash's over the last few years and that they are all of equal or greater value to Evgani alone. When he get's all bleary eyed with counting chickens he might just go for it, or counter Malkin straight up instead.

      Make it very clear that you realize Stamko's value (even though it's still un-proven although likely) and you expect nothing less than exceptional value in return. Define the parameters of the trade and make him come to you.

      Deal from a position of strength, I don't know what the rest of your line-up is but you probably really don't "need" Malkin to succeed, although he would make the journey a lot less rough.

    • so sould i reject the malkin deal and offer him stamkos for a goalie his are Lundqvist and Legace.. or should i offer him Savard and stamkos for Malkin and and one of his goalies.......that just seems like a lot to me ..thanks for the help man this has helped me out alot

    • If I understand your post correctly the other guy cam a knockin' and offered Malkin, and you think he really wants Stamko's for his future team. Well if that is the case, forget about Malkin and ask for the rarest of commodities in hockey - a top five goalie.

      You are right, your goal is solid, but if he bites, you'll now have some trade bait for an asset equal to or greater than Malkin, and you just might improve your net in the process. As a keeper Osgoods value is coming to an end - but he will be awesome trade material if the wings do well. Leclaire may be part of your future but you could still need a transitional goalie to help out your team for the next 3-4 years.

      Stamko's may be a hero or he could just as easily be the first player drafted since 2000 that ends up being a bust.

    • Not likely - but if I had Malkin it might not trade him for a second line rookie on a gawd awful team. But Savard, now there's a keeper!


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